But if you are a hyperlipidemia patient and your body's ability to metabolize cholesterol is inadequate, you need to do so on the advice of your doctor ~ Eating the wrong eggs will get fat! 90 Jin, t

I often ask me to lose weight to eat what is better, if I have to recommend the same words, then I would recommend the most cost-effective food in my heart: eggs.

Although small, it is particularly helpful for weight loss:

1, replenish high quality protein Each egg contains about 7g of protein, while 100ml milk is only 3.5g.

And the protein amino acid composition of eggs is more similar to the human body, so the protein absorption rate in eggs will be better!

2, enhance the feeling of fullness

The protein in the egg can provide energy to the body smoothly for a long time, so eating an egg for breakfast can effectively control the amount of food you eat at noon, help you slim down easily and keep fit.

So, which practice of eggs is the friendliest for weight loss?

1, boiled eggs, fat-reducing fitness Party Favorites The last time I saw the news, I said that a little brother would eat 40 boiled eggs a day to increase his muscles.

However, it can also be understood that his approach, after all, boiled eggs is the simplest and most convenient way to replenish quality protein. Studies have shown that the protein nutrient utilization of boiled eggs is as high as 99.7%, and can almost all be absorbed and utilized by the body.

Coupled with the protection of eggshells, eggs of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients retained more complete, can be said to be the most nutritious method of eating.

And boiled eggs are also very convenient to do, in the morning before getting up directly put the egg in the pot cold water to boil, brush the teeth after washing the face to turn off the fire stew for a while, the eggs are cooked when you go out.

2, egg soup, easy to digest delicious If the fitness party loves boiled eggs the most, then the pursuit of taste of lazy people love is probably egg soup.

Smooth soft egg soup, coupled with a bowl of soft and hard moderate rice, mixed, a meal on the solution. However, this practice is due to the use of eggs, including water-soluble vitamins (such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2) and minerals (such as calcium, phosphorus) will be lost, melted into the custard. If you want to minimize the loss, it would be better to choose low temperature heating.

But its protein absorption rate is slightly lower than that of boiled eggs, so you can look at the selection.

3, Egg soup, fast hand diet dinner Configuration It's kind of like egg soup, it's egg broth. But the ' moisture ' of the egg soup is a little more, and the stirring will be more thorough, the soluble vitamins in the eggs will be more lost in the egg soup, if you choose egg soup, then it is best to drink the soup as much as possible.

Recommend usually put some vegetables down to cook together, and then with a little staple food, such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, is very simple and convenient fast hand dinner.

4, fried eggs, late-night canteen standard As BBC experts say, fried eggs are healthier than scrambled eggs, but that doesn't mean they're particularly good. Fried eggs will increase egg fluid and grease, air contact surface, high heating temperature, vitamin A, D, E, K and other fat-soluble vitamins and water-soluble vitamins have lost.

If you want to keep it as nutritious as possible, the best thing to do is to have less oil, fry on a single side, and don't fry too old to avoid too much grease.

5, scrambled eggs, dark food talent favorite Remember when I followed my mother to learn to cook, the first dish to try is scrambled eggs.

The steps are particularly simple, beat eggs, stir evenly, hot pot under oil, fry, and then slightly lower oil, continue to fry ...

So what did the eggs go through in the process?

1: Water-soluble vitamin loss.

2: More than two times the baptism of oil-the more delicious scrambled eggs, the more oil.

3: When the high temperature fry, the fat inside the egg, cholesterol is heated, easy to oxidize and produce a kind of harmful substance called "glycosylated protein", which is not conducive to cardiovascular health. During weight loss, it is best not to eat scrambled eggs often.

Of course, homemade fried eggs can be eaten with less oil.

6, tea eggs, essential for hunger in the afternoon Strictly speaking, tea eggs should be regarded as a branch of boiled eggs, after all, also experienced boiling water, but it is not only boiled water, there are tea and soy sauce. During the boiling process, the acid and alkali in the tea can penetrate into the eggs, which may affect the absorption of iron elements. Soy sauce and salt levels exceed the standard, may lead to too much sodium, eat may be edema.

If you eat eggs that are too salty, don't eat them often.

But tea eggs has one advantage is that because the cooking time is longer, still in the very salty soy sauce inside for a long time bubble, salt will absorb the water inside the egg, so that the egg gel further dehydration and hardening, so digestion will be more difficult, stomach emptying speed slows down, more carried hungry.

Eating eggs precautions

For the healthy person: can eat 1 a day, if very like to eat eggs, then 2, 3 is also completely no problem! PS: egg yolks are innocent, or can be eaten together.