Money has been precious, the price of life is higher! Hearing the news of the sudden death of young people, I was used to ...

' Do you remember the little boy who had dinner with us before?

' ' What's wrong with him?

' I heard that he stayed up late at the company last night to work overtime, and suddenly he fainted. The colleague rushed to the hospital and found that he had died suddenly.

' Alas! It's scary to hear a sudden death every day.

' Feel the news of the sudden death of a young man every day, and gradually get used to it.


Sudden death, which is now a popular topic, often hears people around him talking about a certain advertising company's sudden death yesterday, or in the media to see the story of the sudden death of young people. The distance between sudden death and us is no longer the difference between the wall and the outside of the wall. We are used to seeing the same people tomorrow, and we may never see each other again the next day.

In the world of change every minute, young Alexander, long-term high-pressure life can lead to physical discomfort, easy to lead to sudden death.

Today we're going to talk about sudden death. Long ago, people might have felt that sudden death would only occur in groups of high-intensity manual labor, and now the situation is different, with sudden deaths occurring in groups with heavy mental activity.

The age groups prone to sudden death also sink from old age to middle-aged and young.

So, what kind of crowd is prone to sudden death?

1 families have a history of heart disease.

2 Legend of the three high patients, that is, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia

3 long-term smoking and alcoholism

4 overeating, excessive intake of hyperlipidemia, high protein food

5 work pressure, high life pressure, long stay up late, personal mood fluctuation is large

These people have a much greater chance of sudden death than the average person, we can not only passive defense, should take the initiative to guard against these symptoms.

If you usually have unexplained palpitations, sometimes feeling stuffy in your chest and weak throughout your body, you should be wary of the risk of sudden death at this time.

In addition to the above situation, such as frequent panic, slow heartbeat, or even unexplained fainting, it is recommended to rush to the hospital to check to prevent the occurrence of sudden death.

We should not only wake up these symptoms, but also start from prevention.

1 Let our eating habits become better, eat more fruits and vegetables, balanced diet, as little as possible to eat spicy stimulation and fried food, to avoid increasing the burden of the gut.

2 recommended or quit smoking and drinking alcohol, smoking alcohol can easily aggravate the burden of the heart, resulting in vasospasm, easy to cause sudden death. 3 Maintain a comfortable mood, so that their mental state to maintain a good level.

Long-term anxiety, depression is also one of the causes of sudden death. 4 Avoid staying up late, young people do not feel that they are in good health often stay up late.

Staying up late for a long time will not only lead to decreased immunity, confusion of the biological clock, but also increase the cardiovascular burden.

5 Do not go crazy to lose weight, crazy weight loss will cause damage to the body function, reduce immunity, for the heart and stomach will have adverse effects, and even there have been because of weight loss rate too fast sudden death cases. I don't want to hear any more of a vegetarian stranger falling on his desk.