What are the benefits of men's fitness?

'dressing is thin, undressing meat', can be said to be the 'male god' standard body, want to have such a male body, indispensable fitness, in fact, men's fitness, in addition to having a good body, but also to health Bring a series of benefits.

1. Practice sexy body

Which girl doesn't like a man with a tight body, a thick arm and a flat belly? A sexy man can make a woman unable to hold herself, such as the handle on the top of the underwear, the sexy abs, and the strong arm muscles. If one day He suddenly started to exercise, and he must have liked someone on the side, through fitness, to find a topic or to make himself more confident through fitness.

2. Improve sexual ability

Exercise is a man's physiological aphrodisiac. According to a survey, compared to sedentary people, keep 4 times a week, 30 minutes a day, or other sports with comparable energy consumption, such as swimming, jogging, etc. , can reduce the incidence of sexual dysfunction in adult males by 2/3. Because of the several actions of rolling sheets, the muscle strength of the abdominal muscles and limbs play an important role, so the waist and abdominal muscles and the moderate strength training of the limbs are very important. .

3. Prevention of disease

Often, scientifically engaged in sports has a good influence on the morphological structure and function of the cardiovascular system. For example, after endurance training with appropriate strength, it can improve and enhance the blood supply and metabolism of the myocardium, and reduce the fat deposition of the blood vessel wall. It has a positive effect on preventing arteriosclerosis and can also prevent the occurrence of myocardial ischemic diseases.

4. Decompression

Living in this high-pressure society, there are too many things to face every day. Some people are prone to sorrow, psychological depression, negative energy, etc. There is a good way to sweat. The people who run have such experiences and feelings, and when they encounter troubles, they will change their moods. The researchers have found that during the running process, the body produces a substance called 'endorphin'. 'Endorphin' can make people's mind and body in a relaxed and happy state. 'Endorphin' is also known as 'happy hormone' or 'young hormone', which can make people feel happy and satisfied, help people to relieve stress and Not happy. So, if you want to be happy, run and run, and you will be sweating if you want to be happy.

5. Building confidence

Losing enthusiasm for life, frustration can make a man feel helpless, incompetent, unable to do anything. So the easiest solution is to start fitness. At the beginning of fitness, you can set yourself a basic exercise goal, and persist for a long time. Unremitting, every time you make progress, you will feel very excited and happy. Through long-term fitness, you will not only develop good habits, but also make your body healthier. This kind of joy and positive energy will make you more confident and confident in fitness. The beliefs and pressures brought to life are not the same thing.

6. Promote sleep

A good night's sleep will increase your concentration, increase your productivity and improve your mood. Exercise is the key to good sleep. Regular exercise can help you fall asleep faster and let you sleep deeper.