Insist on doing the above 5 thin waist movements, in order to let the excess fat on your waist is eliminated, thus having a small waist. How many people's good figure, by the waist fat | ' Destroy

The fat on both sides of the waist, for girls is very distressing, beauty of the MM are hoping to lean waist success, with a small waist, but how to lean waist the most effective?

Here you are taught 5 skinny waist movements, you must stick to practice, in order to subtract the excess fat on the waist.

Action One First, lie on the mat, the palms of both hands upward, the arms naturally relax on both sides of the body; naturally breathe, then double the palm of the hand relatively flat in front of the body, inhale, hard waist, and then lift your upper body and your feet at the same time, presenting a V-shaped look, and then your legs and your hands arm keep parallel Hold on to this action for about 10 seconds, then lie down slowly.

Repeat 10 times.

Action II The feet are separated from the shoulders wide, bend the elbows, bend your elbows to parallel to the ground, put your hands on the back of the head, bend your knees, 90 degrees in your thighs and calves, and lean forward slightly in your upper body; inhale, straighten your left leg, then bend your right foot upward, then turn your upper body to the right Let your left elbow collide with your right foot knee, hold on for 10 seconds, then repeat by changing sides.

Repeat 10 times.

Action Three First lie flat on your back, and likewise, open your legs to the same width as your shoulders; then bend your arms to a 90-degree right angle and close to the ground, then your palms will face up; then bend your left leg and straighten your upper body so that the elbow of your right hand can touch the knees of your left leg. Then change your right leg to repeat the front action.

Repeat 2-3 groups, 10 times per group.

Action Four First lie flat on your back, open your hands, naturally relax on both sides of your body, palm down, then do not move the upper body, bend your knees and lift up vertically, then the knees of the legs close together, and swing to the left, the right shoulder area must be closed to the ground, and then restore the supine posture, change sides.

Left and right one group at a time, repeating 8 groups.

Action Five Lie flat, two legs crossed, hands below the head, legs slowly upward lift, legs to straighten can not bend, lift to the body with 90 degrees, the head also followed up. Pause at the highest point and breathe once.

Repeat the action 10 times. How do you subtract your waist fat? How to lean waist the fastest and most effective?