How much carbon water do you need to eat every day?

Some people say that carbon water can't be eaten too much, but some people say that low-carbon weight loss can't last long. So how much carbon water can you eat just right? Just let me know the answer.

A good weight loss diet, the heat distribution basically follows this ratio: the proportion of fat is 20% ~ 30%, carbohydrate is 50% ~ 60%, protein is more than 15%. In other words, the total amount of carbon water eaten every day You need 50% to 60% of the heat that day.

If you need to eat 1500 calories per day during weight loss, then you need 750~900 calories from carbon water:

1500*50%=750 kcal

1500*60%=900 kcal

And 1g of carbon water is 4 calories, then you need 187.5~225g of carbon water:



Note, the weight here is not the weight of 187.5g of rice, but the weight of carbon in the rice.

For example, a bowl of rice has about 52g of carbon water. If you only eat rice to add carbon water a day, then you should eat at least 3.6 bowls. A medium potato is about 38g of carbon water. If you only eat potatoes and add carbon water a day, then you should eat at least 5 Only a potato can.

However, the types of carbon water are relatively rich, so if you want to calculate accurately, you need to cooperate with food scales and food calorie calculation tools, such as food ingredient list or 39 weight loss fitness college official number (send food name to find heat) ~

If you are in trouble, remember that these common carbons are enough:

Staple food

For a healthy adult:

Daily staple food = 2 fists cereal + a fist potato or miscellaneous beans, the weight is probably: 250 grams - 400 grams, here refers to the cooked weight.


The amount of fruit eaten every day is controlled at around 200-350 grams. It is probably an apple so much~

Add sugar

The amount of sugar added per day is controlled at 25g, preferably not more than 50g. It is probably 250ml of cola.