Extraordinary good news! The three-door nuclear power unit 2, which is mainly engaged in the manufacture of Harbin Steam Turbine, has commercial conditions.

At 21:47 on November 5, the three nuclear power plants of CNNC Group received good news. The No. 2 unit, which was mainly involved in the design and manufacture of Harbin Electric Group Co., Ltd., successfully completed the 168-hour full-power continuous operation test. The unit has the conditions for commercial operation.

Sanmen No. 2 unit is the third unit of Sanmen Nuclear Power Unit No. 1, Haiyang Nuclear Power Unit No. 2, the world's third AP1000 three-generation nuclear power unit with commercial conditions, the unit capacity is 1,250 MW. The unit is single-axis, four-cylinder six Exhaust steam, reaction condensing type, with intermediate steam-water separation reheater type steam turbine, using a number of advanced technologies. It is understood that Sanmen Nuclear Power Unit 2 completed the steam turbine non-nuclear steam reversal test on December 17, 2017, 2018 On August 24th, it was successfully connected to the grid for the first time. On November 5th, the 168-hour full-power continuous operation test was completed.

Up to now, the world's first batch of AP1000 demonstration projects, three nuclear power units 1, 2 have all had commercial conditions, laying a good foundation for the development of China's follow-up nuclear power industry.