PTC ASIA 2018 Grand Opening

The annual Asia-Pacific industrial event - 2018 Asia International Power Transmission and Control Technology Exhibition, 2018 Asia International Logistics Technology and Transportation System Exhibition (referred to as: Asia Logistics Exhibition) and 2018 Shanghai International Compressor and Equipment Exhibition (referred to as : Shanghai International Compressor Exhibition was grandly opened this morning at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. This year's show focused on 'smart manufacturing', attracting nearly 2,500 well-known companies at home and abroad to bring in various 'smart' products and technologies from different industries. The four-day exhibition will also host Shanghai International Industrial Components and Subcontracting Exhibition, Asia International Cold Chain Equipment and Technology Exhibition and International Science and Technology Park Expo.

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'Intelligent manufacturing is the core driving force for China's move from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing power. It is also the driving force for the transformation and empowerment of many industries. 'Liu Guoliang, Managing Director of Hannover Milano (China) Co., Ltd. said, 'As a collection of hydraulics, bearings, The annual industrial event in the Asia-Pacific region of compressors, logistics and other industries. This year, Hannover's six major industrial exhibitions will continue to showcase cutting-edge smart manufacturing products and high-tech, create a continuous industrial chain for global manufacturing exhibitors, build a trade chain, and appreciate China. An excellent platform for intelligent manufacturing power. '

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As the power transmission industry in Asia, the world's second largest international professional event, 2018 Asia International Power Transmission Exhibition with the slogan of 'Drive the Future', focusing on intelligent manufacturing, with the industry's latest products, technologies and solutions to help practice 'Made in China 2025'. The exhibition covers the top ten thematic exhibition areas, attracting nearly 1,300 companies from Turkey, the United States, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Hungary, Romania and other countries and regions. It is worth mentioning that as the Hannover Fair One of the Asian exhibitions, this year is even more important to create the 'Intelligent Manufacturing Demonstration Zone', with the theme of 'Industry 4.0 ready to go – smart solutions for intelligent transmission and fluid power', invited the industry big café, Nord, Flanders (Siemens), Sumitomo, Harvey, and Yahoo Huitos participated in the show. At the same time, the exhibition area jointly sponsored by the German Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers Association (VDMA) will also host an intelligent manufacturing forum. The forum that has been successfully held for three sessions will allow the audience to enjoy the German transmission industry pilot technology at zero distance.

Asia's largest and most influential logistics exhibition - 2018 Asia Logistics Exhibition continues to deepen the theme of 'smart logistics', attracting more than 600 well-known companies around the world to focus on system integration and solutions, automatic guided truck AGV High-tech products and technologies, forklifts and accessories, logistics robots, etc., indoor and outdoor exhibition area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 60,000 square meters. Dematic, SSI, TGW, Honeywell, Vanderlande, SFA, Fives, North Ups, North The company, Kunming Ship, Wu Qiang, Lan Jian, Zhong Ding Integration, Anji Intelligent and other big-name integrators at home and abroad have once again gathered in W1 and W2. E-Commerce Kedong is exhibiting for the first time, rookie, Suning, Netease koala, SF and other enterprises. As an important speaker and audience, it is worth noting that this year's exhibition will be hosted by the China Mechanical Engineering Society, the Logistics Engineering Branch, the Logistics and Storage Machinery Association, and the Tongji University's 2016-2017 China Logistics. Warehousing Equipment Industry Development Report ("Blue Book"), report the overall development of the industry to the majority of logistics colleagues; China Industrial Vehicle Innovation Award (CITIA vehicle category) awards The ceremony will also be held at CeMAT ASIA 2018; the most important event of the same period - CeMAT ASIA Innovation Salon, with the theme of 'Smart Logistics', invites many well-known scholars, experts, industry leaders, Huashan sword, analysis of pharmaceutical logistics, automotive logistics Hot topics such as global market, intelligent supply chain and clothing logistics will jointly promote the logistics industry to move forward under the goal of intelligence. In addition, CeMAT ASIA 20th Anniversary and E-pack Tech 2019 press conference and launching ceremony will be held 11 On the 7th of the month, at 10:00 am in the W2 Hall M2 conference room, the organizer will announce the overall image of the 20th anniversary of the Asian Logistics Exhibition, and launch the project China Bank to collect and review the 20-year development process, with the help of domestic and foreign professional media on a global scale. Promotion.

As a benchmark event in the field of compressors in Asia, the 2018 Shanghai International Compressor Exhibition will reach 19,000 square meters, and the proportion of compressors will exceed 50%. Atlas Copco, Baohua, Anest Iwata , Boss, Shepherd, Hanzhong Seiki, Jude and other well-known compressor machine companies will participate in the exhibition. This exhibition will focus on the three themes of 'smart manufacturing', 'energy efficient' and 'technical environmental protection' The whole machine optimization, air system evaluation, system energy saving and many other aspects, multi-dimensional discussion of the high-efficiency energy-saving scheme of the compressor. During the period, the theme forum of 'Intelligent Leading Machine, Innovation Wins the Future' will invite famous experts from various industries. , scholars, business decision-makers, etc. to deeply analyze the industrial development trend, from the compressor industry to its terminal applications such as: petrochemical, pharmaceutical engineering, etc., how to apply compressed air, vacuum technology and compressed air aftertreatment To achieve scientific research on reducing energy consumption and pollution, and improving production processes, the compressor industry is becoming more mature in the field of energy conservation and environmental protection, and boosting the compressor to the era of 'zhi'. .0.

Nearly 60 summit forums and technical seminars will be held in the same period, including: 2018 China International Automotive Transmission and High Efficiency Transmission Technology Seminar, 2018 China Component Industry Digital Development Summit Forum, VDMA Intelligent Manufacturing Forum, the first China International AGV The Robot Industry Development Summit Forum, the 3rd China Industrial Vehicle Industry New Technology (Forklift Safety) Seminar, and the well-known companies of the Compressor Exhibition on smart manufacturing, energy-saving and high-efficiency technology and environmental protection theme forums. A highlight of this exhibition, overseas buyers from many countries and regions will meet face-to-face with exhibitors on the spot, negotiate business and create business opportunities.

The 2018 Asia International Power Transmission Exhibition is co-sponsored by China Hydraulic Pneumatic Seals Industry Association, China Machinery General Parts Industry Association and Hannover Milano Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. 2018 Asia Logistics Exhibition by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, China Mechanical Engineering Society , Hannover Messe GmbH and Hannover Milano Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. jointly hosted. 2018 Shanghai International Compressor Exhibition by Hannover Messe, Hannover Milano Exhibition (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. joined hands with China Compressor Network and "Compressor" magazine .