Maoming Petrochemical's MTBE products increased production and efficiency in the first 10 months

Since the beginning of this year, Maoming Petrochemical has implemented an oil upgrading project. By strengthening the production and operation management of two sets of MTBE devices and deepening the potential of the plant, it has increased production and efficiency. From January to October, two sets of MTBE devices completed 113.5% of the design value respectively. And 115.5%, an increase of 12.9 million tons over the same period last year, an increase of 27.2 million yuan.

In the second half of the year, they comprehensively improved the purity of the oil additive MTBE products, and the purity increased from 95% to over 98%. After the design standards were greatly improved, they began to actively deal with the production bottlenecks of the devices and solved them one by one. They optimized the structure and process of the devices. Operation, closely track changes in raw materials, and strengthen monitoring of key indicators. At present, the load levels of the two sets of equipment have been optimized.

Among them, the No. 1 MTBE device effectively reduces the number of fluctuations affecting the smooth running of the production by adopting a method of slightly lowering the pressure and increasing the temperature of the tower. At the same time, the high efficiency and high quality of the workshop for the problem of the decrease of the catalyst activity of the MTBE unit No. 2 Complete the replacement and application of the catalyst, so that the load of the device can be smoothly improved, and the purity of the product can be ensured. After various efforts, efforts have been made to improve the process bottleneck from the two aspects of process operation adjustment and equipment elimination. It also ensures maximum product yield.