Cosmo Films' new metallized velvet film for luxurious packaging

In the packaging of high-end luxury goods, silver is a color that people love and hate.

Silver is not easy to handle during printing, especially when used as a background color in the process, for example, requiring longer drying times and possibly causing ink to fall off during stacking. Based on these difficulties, the printing process is usually Avoid using silver as the background color.

However, graphic art designers prefer a silver background, because silver can better align other colors, create more beautiful artwork, and silver also plays a very good role in hot foil and UV coating.

Recently, Cosmo Films' metallized velvet composite film, which can be used in luxury packaging, will allow designers to boldly choose silver!

It is reported that this new film can create a dazzling silver and rich velvet touch for laminated paper/cardboard or packaging. It is tacky, and can be stamped and printable. Before printing or after laminating decoration, it needs 4. The matte silver BOPP velvet film is laminated to unprinted paper.

The film can be used for thermal and wet lamination of 32 microns and 20 microns, respectively, and is suitable for a variety of printing types, including offset printing, UV offset printing, screen printing, UV inkjet and laser printing.

In addition to good abrasion resistance, the film is also suitable for post-lamination operations such as UV spotting, bronzing and embossing. It is also ideal for making high-end luxury products such as perfume cases, wine cases, gifts and jewellery. Boxes, as well as luxury brand shopping bags, are also used in the art design industry.

Talking about the future of new products, Pankaj Poddar, CEO of Cosmo Films, said, 'Packaging design is an important personalization factor because brands are paying more and more attention to their unique brand image and consumer experience. With the addition of metallized velvet film in the product category, Cosmo is now able to offer a higher quality composite film portfolio for customers to choose from.