Anqing Petrochemical VOC environmental protection instrumentation project completed successfully

On November 4th, the chemical instrument area of ​​Anqing Petrochemical Instrument Center passed the installation, wiring, configuration and commissioning work in the past three months, and successfully completed the instrument project in the second VOC treatment of the chemical industry, adding “green color” to the device.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) are not good for human health. They must be treated according to environmental protection requirements. The second VOC treatment project of Chemical Industry covers I set, II sets of acrylonitrile and I sets, II sets of ammonium sulfate, acetonitrile sets, through condensation, washing and absorption. Such processes reduce the VOC content in the air. The instrument project adds pressure, liquid level, regulating valve, quick shut-off valve and other on-site inspection, more than 50 sets of control instruments, four sets of gas alarms, and all instruments, DCS of interlocking scheme. Control implementation.

In the early stage of installation, the chemical instrument area is in close contact with the governance working group of each unit of the Chemical Industry Department. According to the planning of each group node, the installation task is carried out accordingly. The chemical engineering class is responsible for on-site inspection and control instrument installation; the second class is toxic to hydrogen cyanide. The gas alarm is fixed in place; the DCS second shift is installed in the I set, and the II sets of acrylonitrile cabinets are installed with cards, determine the safety grid installation position, statistics, divide the system input, output point, lay the cable to the DCS cabinet, cable And complete the wiring work.

On October 27th, the instrument project entered the configuration and commissioning phase. DCS two classes all DCS control system instrument points, interlock control scheme and flow chart screen configuration and download. Field instrument, equipment is energized and warmed up for 24 hours After that, the chemical engineering class and the integrated second class will inspect and debug the on-site instrument and alarm device one by one, and assist the relevant departments to carry out the three-in-one work of the instrument project, and rectify the identified problems.

On November 1st, the chemical instrument area cooperated with the second department of the chemical industry, and started the joint commissioning of the project. The DCS second class simulates the pressure alarm condition in the DCS control system, the chemical industry class checks the instrument indication, the chemical department 2 confirms the valve, and the pump is interlocked. Action. Until November 4th, the joint adjustment work was over, and the VOC governance instrument project was successfully completed.