Ten Jianfu refining ethylene compressor unit overhaul

Sinopec News Network News On November 6, the refining and chemical engineering ten construction company undertaken the Fujian United Petrochemical ethylene plant compressor unit overhaul construction kicked off.

In the face of an extremely tight construction period, all the participants of the Shijian Fulian Engineering Project Department will play the next game, taking project planning as the work orientation, paying close attention to the safety, quality and progress control of the compressor removal and installation process. In the ethylene compressor unit Before the overhaul construction, the project department first carried out the visualization technology to inform the construction personnel of the internal structure, process parameters and operating status of the compressor. At the same time, the project department actively adopted the 'anti-Bottom' working mode, and the construction personnel went to the podium. At the same time, before the overhaul, the project department organized a training course for compressor repair fitters, and more than 40 construction workers participated in the training, which effectively improved the skill level of the compressor maintenance personnel. It has created favorable conditions for safe, high quality and efficient completion of the compressor unit maintenance task.

It is understood that the maintenance of the Fuzhou ethylene plant compressor unit began with the cracker gas compressor turbine. Due to the two-week factory repair time in the maintenance period, the effective construction period that was originally strained became more stretched. To this end, the project department has continuously optimized the overhaul construction plan since the ethylene plant was replaced on November 1st. It has been carefully organized and carefully deployed. According to the overall maintenance target plan, the construction personnel are promptly adjusted to quickly put into the compressor unit overhaul construction.

At present, the overhaul construction of the units of the Fuzhou Ethylene Plant, which is under the responsibility of Shijian Company, has gradually started. Under the unified command of Fujian Union Petrochemical, the safety of all professional overhaul construction, quality and progress are under control.