Reifenhäuser introduces a new generation of PET thermoformed sheet production line

In 2013, Reifenhäuser released a patented electromechanical polishing laminate production using the MIREX-MT-V design series. The high-performance extrusion line for PET thermoformed sheets has achieved great success. This year, the brand continued to renew and launched an update of its similar production line. series.

As always, the core of these lines is its proven Synchronized 'REItruder' twin-screw extruder, which is now in its third generation. The system combines a dry high-performance vacuum pump with a working pressure of 5 mbar and years of continuous The optimized REItruder degasser is fully compliant with the FDA's requirements for 100% recycled PET film production (NOL for Recycled Plastics #209) and is a food grade material. The system provides all necessary declarations required by EFSA to meet the technical eligibility criteria. Responsibility application corresponding to EFSA approval.

Reifenhäuser launches next-generation PET thermoformed sheet production line

Reifenhäuser EDS – the youngest member of the Reifenhäuser Group, offers a wide range of different types of co-extrusion feed heads. As customers often express their desire for simple production ('plug and play'), to meet this At a demand, it is now possible to provide a fixed-feed head with a layer geometry and a REIcofeed 2.1 system that can be flexibly configured during operation.

In addition, a variety of fully modern molds can be found in the extensive product portfolio of Reifenhäuser EDS. For example, customers can choose the inner panel that can be flexibly created with a film width, or can be configured during operation to quickly change the thickness of the lip gap, and Thermal expansion bolts between manual or automatic operation.

After 5 years of successful global experience, the MIREX-MT-V high-performance polishing laminate has also been fundamentally modernized and updated. The product can be configured with 3 or 4 polishing rolls depending on the system capacity. In addition, the axis of the first roll crosses. Alternatively, it can be used to produce large width films.

The entire production line is ready to meet the industry 4.0 standard developed by ReifenhäuserDigita within the group. Based on the modular concept, customers can measure which functions are beneficial to their business activities, which functions are not currently needed. From 'as simple as possible' to simple A fully automated solution, tailored to individual needs, is part of the Reifenhäuser CSC portfolio.