Baling Petrochemical's innovative management of polyamide production, sales and research

Sinopec News Network Baling Petrochemical Caprolactam Department systematically integrates the various processes and links in the polyamide industry chain, and establishes an integrated polyamide product center for production, sales and research, and pilots the operation in a simulated self-operated manner. Innovative mechanisms, improving efficiency, tapping potential and increasing efficiency have made a series of breakthroughs, and accumulated experience in deepening the 'caprolactam-polyamide' industrial chain reform. Recently, in the 27th modernization management innovation evaluation of Sinopec, Baling Petrochemical The results of the "Integrated Management of Polyamide Production, Sales and Research Based on Simulation of Independent Business Management" submitted for the case won the second prize.

Baling Petrochemical Caprolactam is a chemical production unit that produces caprolactam, ammonium sulfate and nylon 6 slice products. Before 2016, due to the single product structure, unreasonable customer structure, product quality fluctuations, R&D and market disconnection, after-sales service is not in place. The production cost is high, and the pre-polymerization workshop of the polyamide product center has a serious loss.

At the end of 2016, the Ministry will, in accordance with the “Guiding Opinions on Further Improving the Modern Enterprise System and Promoting the Pilot Operation of Self-employed Business”, based on the preparation of the company's “Three Sets”, will develop a series of R&D, production and warehousing logistics related to polyamide products. , sales, after-sales and other services will be integrated, and a polyamide product center integrating production, sales and research will be established, a new product development group, a marketing group, a production operation group, a equipment maintenance group, a clear workflow, and autonomous operation will be established. And conduct performance appraisal.

After the establishment and operation of the polyamide product center, the company will continue to improve the cost of refined management, and compile the budget to make the calculations. They established the 'reducing the steam consumption of the polymerization unit' and continued to improve the project, and found out the nitrogen consumption of the nylon 6 polymerization unit. Two sets of evaporation systems are operated in series, which solves the problem that evaporation cannot be long-cycled and high energy consumption. The team members actively participate in the continuous improvement project of 'reducing the nitrogen consumption of the polymerization device' and other nearly 10 cost reduction projects. In 2017, the energy-saving indicators of the team were all up to standard. The manufacturing cost of nylon 6 chips is obviously reduced.

The center takes the market as the main line, implements R&D, deep integration of production and marketing, stabilizes high-quality customers, taps high-end customers, and strengthens market control. R&D, production, sales personnel form a promotion team, through school-enterprise cooperation, upstream and downstream linkage, participation in the industry In the form of forums and domestic exhibitions, promote products. In response to oral complaints and written complaints from customers, the center will respond to investigations within one day and internal investigations and reports within three days. The situation of on-site investigations will be coordinated by sales, production and scientific research. Resolve; after each investigation report, track the rectification until the problem is completely solved, forming a closed loop. In 2017, the center entered 32 new customers, sold more than 1400 tons of new products, 25 newly developed intention customers, and many Established cooperation with well-known institutions at home and abroad.

The center insists on the simultaneous development of new product development and quality improvement of existing products. They adopt a dynamic management mode for the division of work of existing scientific research and technical personnel, and carry out dynamic or periodic adjustment according to the key work of the stage to promote device process management and scientific research and development. Close contact, effectively improve the quality and yield of film slicing, improve the quality evaluation system of nylon 6 slice, and develop ultra-high-viscosity nylon 6, low-viscosity nylon 6 slice, special injection molding material, high flow nylon, copolymerization Nylon and other varieties of products, and actively explored in the 'old material new use'. The film-level slicing produced by the center's No. 2 polymerization unit was exported to South American Chilean manufacturers, and the use was good. The 'BL40' grade was sliced ​​in multiple layers. The film market partially replaced imported similar products. In 2017, the center's nylon 6 product differentiation rate increased to 56.65%, an increase of 10.7%; sales increased by 7.8%.