Committed to innovative methanol to olefin technology

On November 2nd, Senior Researcher of Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute, Dr. Liu Hongxing, deputy director of research and research team, are working in the laboratory, and are busy researching and developing new S-MTO (methanol to olefin) catalyst with better performance. In Zhongyuan Petrochemical, After Zhongtian Hechuang and Zhongan United provided MTO equipment technical services, Liu Hongxing and the research team did not stop the pace of further research and development.

In the industrial chain of 'coal-syngas-methanol-olefins' in China, methanol to olefins has plagued the petrochemical industry for more than ten years, and other links have been very mature. This means that as long as the technical bottleneck of methanol to olefins is broken, It is possible to walk through the road of coal to olefins, and to replace oil with coal.

The MTO technology developed by Liu Hongxing's team has opened up the entire industrial chain from coal to olefins, which can reduce the single dependence on oil for the country. For Sinopec, it can expand the market and enter the new coal chemical business field to promote transformation and development. In 2017, the technology won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award.

Speaking of the connection between Liu Hongxing and MTO technology, it dates back to 2000. At that time, he was studying for a Ph.D. in Shanghai. The methanol-to-olefins project in Shanghai has just started. In order to do the experiment, Liu Hongxing often looks around the catalyst samples just prepared. 3. The muffle furnace, spray drying in the triangle, and the hoist to make a 10 liter kettle.

'After day-to-night, big bottles and small cans, can it be successful? Foreign research is still in the laboratory stage, can we do it?' Busy, Liu Hongxing has also been through. But at the thought of this technology can bring good benefits to the country. He is full of energy.

In 2003, the laboratory test catalyst was close to the international level. In 2004, the performance of Nanjing 500 liter test was satisfactory, but the pilot test suffered setbacks. At that time, Yanshan Petrochemical's 36,000 tons/year methanol-to-olefin full-process industrial test device was built. At the same time, Liu Hongxing and the project team also started the 5 cubic meters molecular sieve pilot test. In order to speed up the scientific research progress, they did the pilot test day and night. After three months of research, they finally cracked the pilot test, and the Yanshan petrochemical plant was able to drive smoothly. .

Innocent to enjoy the joy, Liu Hongxing began to think about the transformation of scientific research results into industrial applications. In 2016, Nanjing 3000 tons / year catalyst device spray drying equipment experienced 7 months of quality adjustment. Liu Hongxing guards the device screening details every day, every link All of them were sampled and tested, and finally ensured that in 2016, Zhongtian Hechuang created the world's largest MTO device with a successful start. As of the beginning of this year, the technology has obtained 260 national invention patents and 23 international invention patents.