The ear is burning because someone is thinking of you?

Have you ever encountered such a time? I don’t know why, the ear suddenly started to burn, sometimes it’s the left ear, sometimes the right ear, and sometimes even the two ears are hot. Ask the old man at home Most will tell you if someone is thinking of you, or someone is jealous of you.

Then the question is coming. What do the two ears mean?

The answer is - nothing represents

What! My left ear must be a male god thinking about me! This is the heart-beat between us! Don't bully me, read less and lie to me! I am not so deceiving!

Yes, you have this idea because you have less reading.

Scientists tell us that the signal that the ear has a fever is: The brain on this side is busy!

The carotid artery that connects the body and the brain transmits blood to the brain from time to time. The blood flows through the carotid artery, flows into the brain, and then walks around the inner ear of the ear. If there is more blood flow in a cerebral hemisphere, this side The temperature of the ear will be higher.

Ear fever is usually caused by four conditions:

1, strenuous exercise

After doing strenuous exercise, the ear often feels hot. This is because when people exercise, the heart beats faster, and more blood is supplied to the muscles of the limbs. After the body movement, the blood required for the muscles is reduced, but the heart beats again. Can't slow down immediately, so more blood flows to the head. The skin of the ear is very thin. It is covered with abundant blood vessels. When a lot of blood flows through the ear, the blood vessels expand and become thicker, and the ears are red. The blood has a certain temperature, so it will feel the ears hot. After the heart gradually returns to normal, the blood vessels will shrink and the blood on the ears will be reduced, so they will no longer heat up.

2, the ear vessels expand indoors due to temperature rise

In the winter, when we return to the warm room from the cold outside, the ears will become red and hot. Because the ear vessels that contract under low temperature outdoors expand in the room due to the temperature rise, the blood flow is accelerated, so it will Causes the ear to heat up.

3, the cerebral cortex is highly excited and nervous

When we feel shy, arguing with people, or when the exam encounters a problem... I feel that the roots are very hot. This is because the cerebral cortex is highly excited and nervous. The command nerve causes the skin to expand and the heart beats faster. The reason for the increase in blood flow.

(So, your ears are hot, not because the male god wants you, but because you want to be a male god.)

4, call with your mobile phone for a long time

The principle of cell phone radiation is the same as microwave ovens. Microwave radiation can cause internal molecular vibrations, which can generate heat. When you use your mobile phone for a long time, your ears will be 'cooked'.

So, what if we have a fever in our ears?

1, some situations can be restored by themselves

If the ear is heated from the cold outside into the warm room, it is a natural reaction of the human body, no need to deal with it, and it will quickly relieve itself.

2, find the cause of ear fever from the source of food

Ear fever is fundamentally caused by the expansion of subcutaneous blood vessels. If we want to avoid frequent fever in the ears, we should eat less food that can cause ear vasodilation. For example, spicy food, caffeine-rich coffee, cola And tea, etc., these may cause blood vessels to dilate and cause ear fever, should reduce daily intake.

3, control emotions

In addition to the effects of temperature and food, emotions can also affect the body's function. For example, 'blushing neck is thick' is used to describe anxious or angry posture, which is the emotion caused by fever. In daily life, to maintain the peace of mind, it will Put an end to the phenomenon that the ears have no reason for fever.

After reading these, I have completely accepted the right ear burning. Someone is jealous. This is a feudal superstition.

But! The left ear must be the male god thinking about me! Don't try to use a science to interfere with my sober thinking!

I wish everyone who is missing by every little fairy (male) is always on the heart, more than heart~