Blue Sky Dolphin is listed as a new product, with eight models to detonate the diatom mud market

In recent years, diatom mud has been favored by consumers because of its environmental protection and green advantages. Therefore, it has become the most popular environmental protection wall decoration material. With the strong penetration of diatom mud, the building wall material industry has undergone earth-shaking changes. So, where is the advantage of diatom mud? What is the blue-eyed dolphins that lead the diatom mud industry? Don't worry, listen to Xiaolan slowly.

Diatom mud talent

First of all: Diatom mud is naturally aldehyde-free and can also absorb formaldehyde. Because diatom mud is made up of natural diatomaceous earth, it is a valuable asset that nature has given us. It is naturally free of formaldehyde and can also absorb formaldehyde. After light, it will be organic. Formaldehyde is decomposed into inorganic water and carbon dioxide to create a comfortable and healthy new home.

That is, you can live without waiting

We all know that after the renovation of the house, it is necessary to remove the smell from the drying room. Even some houses with excessive formaldehyde have more than ten years of residence, and there is formaldehyde volatilization, which seriously threatens family safety. But diatom mud is different, that is, brush and live, Just wait for the wall to dry and you can stay. Not only is it safe, but it also saves time, time is money. Choosing a blue sky dolphin is to save your mind and save money.

Art deco, wayward DIY is yours

For the new generation of young people, the home economy is not the whole thing to consider. How to make yourself feel comfortable at home, how to make yourself beautiful is a deeper pursuit. And the blue sky dolphin just meets this A variety of artistic styles, including Jin Xiyu, printing, screen printing, etc., can be realized at the beginning.

Whether it is a two-element animation style or a pastoral fresh style, such as the beginning of the general pass to help you achieve. In addition, such as the first double 11 painted carnival more preferential content, all in the blue sky dolphin official website waiting for you.

For example, the first double 11 special theme room display, always better for children:

Role playing system (super attack).

Use the original self-adhesive process to insert the hero's wings for each boy.

I have a heroic dream, guarding my parents.

Cartoon and Animation Department (Princess の Dream),

Every girl has a princess dream in her heart. Although we don't have a kingdom, she can also be a princess.

Starry Sky (Starry Sky),

Use the early self-adhesive process, such as the dark gray color matching in the night sky, to give children more starry fantasy while ensuring the quality of sleep.