Play with thousands of flavors, Wanjiale steaming machine SKQ28-Z1 new out of the box

In line with the richer and more diversified cooking methods, Wanjiale has invented the 'Baiwei Rubik'--steaming machine SKQ28-Z1, which can both steam and roast, and make a top dish to make the kitchen more convenient.

Although the SKQ28-Z1 steaming and baking machine is not as big as expected, the weight is still quite heavy. The net weight of the light product is 26kg, which shows that the material is solid.

Important performance parameters of Wanjiale steaming machine SKQ28-Z1

The Wanjiale steaming machine SKQ28-Z1 adopts a pull-down door design and can be opened at 90°.

Three-layer explosion-proof tempered heat insulation door panel and stainless steel brushed arc handle, which is the embodiment of the product.

Tips for safe use

Each accessory that is reasonably placed in the main body cavity is wrapped in a 'protective clothing' - a bubble bag, which effectively avoids accidents such as rubbing.

The SKQ28-Z1 steamed-baked machine comes with a grill, a food pan, an oil pan, each with its own functions, and the structure is clearly separated, which can be easily distinguished; Take off; descaling agent and absorbent sponge for cavity cleaning; screws for fixing after embedded installation.

Connect the power supply and you can use it.

The SKQ28-Z1 steaming and ironing machine adopts the intelligent touch panel. When the 'power' is turned on, the control buttons originally hidden in the black crystal glass will all light up in an instant, displayed with an orange icon, which is very conspicuous.

Exhaust port, mainly to discharge excess water vapor in the cavity and excess heat of the heating element in time to ensure efficient operation of the machine.

The inner cavity of the Wanjiale steaming machine SKQ28-Z1

Top heating assembly

Bottom heating plate


The right side water tank, gently hold the handle, you can push and pull, take a transparent matte texture of plastic material, open the cover to receive water, there is Max reminder mark of the highest water level, suddenly water will be automatically issued when using alarm.

Back display of Wanjiale steaming machine SKQ28-Z1

With the embedded installation method, the Wanjiale steaming machine SKQ28-Z1 will be hidden in the cabinet without any sense of contradiction.