Made in Germany | SYR Hanshill debuts in the fair

On November 6, the first China Import and Export Expo opened in Shanghai. Hans Suthers GmbH & Co. KG, founded in 1939, participated as a representative of the German water treatment industry and exhibited a variety of products for sale. New product. As the Chinese operator of SYR Hans Hill, the leading filter brand of Hans-Sassels Co., Ltd., Shanghai Dongli Technology assisted the exhibitors.

SYR Hanshill's new central water treatment water purifier product

SYR Hans Hill's main product - pre-filter.

SYR Hanshill's new central water treatment leakproof protection module with mobile phone WIFI remote control function.

SYR Hanshill Safe-T DRUFI+A pre-filter with automatic flushing and leak-proof function.

SYR Hanshill pre-filter product body printed with 'Made in Gemany'

Customers come to consult products.

Foreign businessmen come to consult products.