Official price of 3999 yuan, double ten an event to get 3549 Yuan, for a flagship product, the price is more appropriate. ZTE Sky Axon 9 Pro review: Revealing the popular flagship of business atmosphe

ZTE experienced a huge change in the first half of this year, and it was not until July this year that the Chinese company gradually emerged from the ' haze ' and gradually launched a ' post-disaster reconstruction '. ZTE Sky Axon 9 Pro is born in this context, this mobile phone almost represents ZTE's current in the mobile phone market the highest level.

As usual, Axon 9 Pro was first unveiled at the IFA Electronics Show in Berlin and came to China one months later. It came a little late for Chinese users, but in ZTE's eyes Axon 9 Pro is still a ' competitive phone '. So is it really, as the official says, that ZTE Axon 9 Pro has this place that is enough to make people heartwarming?
Let's talk slowly next. A lot of people see the sky. Axon 9 Pro The first reaction is: Xiaomi 8 sent again? Admittedly, ZTE is using the current popular design, and the so-called ' pop ' is that everyone is using, there is no big problem. Sky Axon 9 Pro is this design, the front is Liu Hai fillet special screen, chin slightly wide;
On the back are glass material, vertical double-camera and fingerprint recognition. All of these elements are grouped together, making the sky Axon 9 Pro very different from the previous Sky series, but also crashing into the car with other brands of phones.
But if you play this phone carefully for a while, you can still feel the unique flavor of ZTE. Sky Axon 9 Pro fuselage on the back of the glass made of four surface, in order to and mobile phone metal box better connection. ZTE on this mobile phone made of the surface gives a kind of just in the soft feeling, the quadrilateral arc is larger, grip in the hand can feel excessive very slick.
This line is tough but not without losing the feeling of softness just gives a kind of calm, but also quite a trend. But this sleek feeling extends to the front of the phone and came to a halt. The reason is that the sky Axon 9 Pro Front glass is directly connected to the metal frame, there is no excess, just in the metal box made a narrow cut surface.
As a result, the screen and the part of the box will be a bit of a hand. All in all, you can see the change of ZTE in the sky Axon 9 Pro, and you can feel the poise in ZTE's mobile phone.
If Xiaomi 8 is a design that favors young people, ZTE Axon 9 Pro is more inclined to a mature and stable user base in a similar design, and it is designed with the positioning of the phone itself in mind, taking into account the light business people. In addition to the changes in appearance, this time the biggest change in this Axon 9 Pro is the addition of a standalone image display chip to optimize the sharpness/contrast/gamut of the picture while supporting HDR10 images.
I used ZTE Sky Axon 9 Pro after watching the American drama "The Night Warrior", the overall picture experience is really good, dark details and some other mobile phones can see the contrast and dark details of the improvement. But there are also some problems, such as the video flashing of certain images. This may be the reason for the evaluation machine, but also to be adjusted and perfected. In addition, the Sky Aonx 9 Pro has similar to the iphone original color display function, but this function seems to be through the phone screen glow to adjust, pure dark situation can be seen in the background black appeared ' backlight '.
(AMOLED screen black should not shine) ZTE Sky Axon 9 Pro (left) intelligent ambient light detection and Apple iphone XS Max (right) original color display + Night tour.
Can see the sky Axon 9 Pro in this mode of black background appears backlit.
ZTE hopes that the sky Axon 9 Pro will enhance the picture effect through image processing chips and display optimization functions, in fact, we can see this so-called axon vision software and hardware integration of visual efficiency solutions at work, but still need to be optimized and adjusted to achieve the best perception experience. In terms of photo shoot, ZTE Axon 9 Pro Rear 12 million megapixel + 20 million megapixel double, aperture size of F1.75. One of the two lenses is a 130-degree wide-angle lens that can bring more play to the camera. It is important to note that you cannot use touchscreen focus to take photos in wide-angle mode.
The front lens aspect is a 20 million megapixel camera that supports background virtualization. Normal shooting (top left) and wide angle shooting (bottom right), it is important to note that the wide-angle mode cannot be manually focused.
In some specific scenarios, the wide angle is able to take more artistic photos. In addition to the wide-angle shooting play, the sky Axon 9 Pro has the ' AI smart Quick beat ' feature.
In motion mode can turn on the ' Coke ' or ' snap ' function, the sky Axon 9 Pro will be automatically snapped according to the lens screen, this mode is more suitable for shooting motion scenes. Briefly summed up, ZTE Sky Axon 9 Pro has a relatively popular, stable appearance, and built-in image processor chip to enhance the picture effect, photo added a wide-angle lens, with the pursuit of Coke, capture and other functions, play is also relatively rich.
Generally speaking, this is a relatively balanced mobile phone, in addition to the ' long chin ' does not have too many groove points, there is no very eye-catching function. Finally attached configuration: ZTE Axon 9 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Dragon 845 processor, only 8GB+256GB optional, front with 6.21 "AMOLED notch screen, support HDR 10 standard. The machine has built-in 4000 mah capacity battery, support qc4.0+ fast charge, support wireless charging.