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Some time ago, ' some such as formaldehyde room ' incident noisy, smelling ' formaldehyde ' color change, I have to say, for a long time people's fear of formaldehyde has never been reduced. Decoration materials and furniture may have formaldehyde problems, of which paint is also one of people's concern.

There are many kinds of coatings on the market, the quality is uneven, so, when we buy paint, we need to understand what the characteristics of good products will generally have, in order to avoid shoddy, choose a real good product, to improve our home life.

One, look at the color.

In the process of home wear, paint color selection is particularly important to affect the overall environment of the home style, and even reflect the master's taste and grade, but we often encounter such a problem, sometimes choose the color of the paint and color card color is not up, resulting in a large discount on the effect of the brush wall.

Second, look at the paint film

In the field of coatings paint film effect has been a more professional problem, specifically divided into the following points:

(1) Coating projectile, the greater the elasticity of the product, after the brush is finished, the less prone to cracks.

(2) The scrub of the coating, the higher the scrub, the greater the density of the paint film, that is, the effect of the paint produced the better, in addition, it is relatively easy to scrub.

(3) The mildew resistance of the paint, if the weather is relatively humid, for the more easy to water areas, such as the inside of the building exterior wall, roof, basement and other places, relatively easy to mold.

(4) The cover of the paint, the stronger the cover of the wall paint on the grass-roots stains cover the better.

Third, environmental protection Formaldehyde must be below a certain ' standard ' in order not to pose a threat to human health. Therefore, the first thing to buy paint paint, is to look at the product quality inspection report, especially pay attention to the most important environmental indicators of paint VOC content.

In addition, we should pay attention to the purchase of products that have been certified by the environment and the formal channels.

Dewi is a functional coating from Germany, has been deeply trusted by designers in Germany and neighboring countries over the past 100 years, and has won the recognition of users with German quality. Brush wall color and color card pair not up?

It doesn't exist! For many paint brands, color can only be regarded as additional services, and Dewi can be the color to do professional. Dewi Color Center by architects, interior designers, color designers and professional painters, for customers to carry out architectural color design and product and tone selection, colorexpress toner, with more than 2 million color formula database, no matter what color customers need, can be displayed according to the preset image,

Even if it is dark, it also maximizes the purity of the color.

The construction of the German system to ensure excellent product quality With the establishment of Caparol Academy in Tak Ai Wei College, Dewi led and promoted German coating construction standards.

With the German SBG cooperation to bring customers mature German construction technology and vocational skills training, the formation of pure German products and complete construction system closed-loop.

Dewi's topcoat set products, with high covering force, the film is sturdy and non-dirty, high fullness characteristics, and paint film density is large resistance to scrubbing.

Environmental protection is the foundation, product Zero VOC Dewi adhere to environmental protection, uphold the concept of sustainable development, in the production process, Dewi on resource conservation and environmental pollution-free put forward high requirements, waste reduction of 29%, recyclable material production ratio increased by 25%. Based on self-standards and industry standards, DEWI closely monitors the quality of raw materials and finished products, and selects well-known suppliers such as BASF, Dow, Bayer, Ke mu, dragon python, Ashland and Byk chemistry to ensure the German quality of the products.

Products themselves VOC content zero, farewell to formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful gases to the human body.

Choose Tak ai wei, say goodbye to formaldehyde room, enjoy healthy home life.