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On October 31, Kelon Air Conditioning held a double-11 conference in Qingdao Hisense Pingdu Industrial Park. At the meeting, Kelon Air Conditioning officially released the theme of the Double Eleven - 'First-class frequency conversion, one thousand pick one' It indicates that Kelon air-conditioning double eleven promotes a full-scale launch. At the same time, it also means that the Kelon air-conditioning network red building plan is about to enter the white-hot stage.

With the improvement of the modern economic level and the living standards of the residents, the consumer demand of the residents has also changed. In addition to the basic material needs, the residents' pursuit of quality of life is also getting higher and higher. In the field of home appliances, new business environment, new Industrial characteristics, new consumption patterns, promote the transformation and upgrading of the industry structure, especially in the air-conditioning industry, high-end, intelligent, health, etc. have become an important factor in consumer choice. Therefore, how to understand consumer demand, attract Consumers' eyes have become a problem that air-conditioning brands need to think about. To this end, companies such as Kelon Air Conditioning have launched new products for differentiated competition in products, marketing, and services.

Entering November, the annual double eleven shopping carnival mode is hot, and the most important battle of the air-conditioning industry after the opening of the 2019 new year is started. At the press conference yesterday, the general manager of Kelon Air Conditioning Marketing Department Wenjia Bang also said: 'Over the past 10 years, the development of e-commerce, from Taobao, to Tmall, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, traditional e-commerce occupy the main battlefield of consumers online shopping, but we can not ignore the social The rise of business, this will also be the place where Kelon will continue to exert its strength in the future. The main force of e-commerce is dominated by the younger generation. They are becoming the dominant consumer in the future. Kelon’s next step is to rejuvenate the brand – first On the product, our new Yufeng series air conditioners will satisfy the young people's consumer tastes. Secondly, we will enter the young people market from the perspectives of youthful rejuvenation, promotion and youthfulness, and promotion of youthfulness, creating a true sense. Younger brand. '

In essence, the Double Eleven is a battle for users, and it is a war about technological innovation and product quality. For Kelon air conditioners, in the e-commerce force, the detonation of the double eleven does not need too much 'Shantou' or 'Routine', only need two magic weapons - preferential rights-driven, return to the essence of the product.

In the past ten years, the Double Eleven has become a global shopping carnival. In the past ten years, various kinds of promotional games have emerged one after another. Many netizens have said: There are too many routines for merchants, and the energy and rewards of the double eleven inputs. More and more disproportionate. In order to allow consumers to actively participate and gain real benefits, Kelon Air Conditioner abandons the complicated and complicated routines and releases the biggest offers in the most intuitive way - during the double eleven period, the official flagship of Kelon Air Conditioning The store purchase machine will enjoy the 'second half price, buy the cabinet to send the hanging, 0 yuan installation' and other value-for-money discount; In addition, Kelon air-conditioning is committed to online and offline, consistent high-quality purchase experience inside and outside the station, online Interesting, low-threshold first season Kelon network red to create a plan, this move led the new era of double eleven promotional trends.

It is reported that Kelon Air Conditioning's first season net red creation plan aims to encourage people to bravely pursue the life they want. From the online redemption manual on October 18th, the double eleven snapped up in Kelon's official flagship store. The first-level inverter air conditioner will have the opportunity to transform into a super net red, and enjoy the luxury car, air-conditioning, flowers, posters, video five major net rights. In the early stage, Kelon air-conditioning launched #科龙1小时爆改网红家# Activities, United created an exclusive nest for Kelon Net Red, and also listed a new network red air conditioner - 'Kelong Yufeng Air Conditioning', these activities to create 'Net Red Nest + Net Red Air Conditioning' Form, for the inner goal, the pursuit of a model, aimed at advocating a positive attitude towards life and responding to modern people's attitude towards high quality life.

'Kelong Yufeng Air Conditioning' is not only the network red air conditioner, but also the head product of Kelon Air Conditioning in the eleventh strong layout of the first-class product echelon. Different from the industry's uniform mass products, 'Kelong Yufeng Air Conditioning' Pay attention to the differences in pain points of family members when using air conditioners, adopt zoned air supply technology, do not blow children's heads, avoid elderly legs, healthy adult waists, and tailor the wind for family members. At the same time, 'Kelong Yufeng air conditioner ' Adopting the stepless speed regulation technology to achieve 0-100 stepless speed regulation, breaking the traditional only five-speed air supply mode, accurately meet the user's desired temperature. In addition, 'Kelong Yufeng Air Conditioning' 4D full DC, intelligent double cleaning, high-efficiency mute and other functions are combined into a 'family health air package', which is also recognized and favored by consumers. Focus on quality, humanized experience, high value-driven 'Kelong Yu Wind air conditioning' will be a big magic weapon for the Kelon air conditioning double eleven battle.

Kelon air-conditioning double eleven promoted the use of 'high quality + true Hui' combination boxing mode, rooted in the era of user and consumer double upgrade. 'First-level frequency conversion, thousands of pick one' theme, also with Kelon air conditioning The first-class energy efficiency product strategy that has been adhered to all the time, the concept of focusing on consumer demand and product quality is suitable. It can be expected that Kelon air-conditioning will burst into the eleventh!