Small displacement cars like high speed, will it hurt the engine?

We know that when the car is driving on the road, in order to obtain high speed, it is necessary to step on the throttle, that is, to increase the engine speed, while the resistance is increased at high speed, and the engine increases the power output by increasing the speed.

The output of the engine depends mainly on the displacement and speed of the engine. When the displacement is constant, the higher the engine speed, the greater the output power. When the car is driving at high speed, the higher the speed, the greater the resistance, the engine needs output. The higher the power. When the displacement is constant, you can only get more power by increasing the speed.

Then, does the small-displacement car have a high-speed operation that hurts the car? Not only does it hurt the car, it also hurts the 'money'. Of course, this means that you deliberately do not open well. In the case of personal safety, how do you want to open it? OK! But when you cherish, you still have to cherish. I have always advocated to develop good driving habits, the fast is to be fast, the slow should really slow down. High speed is the amount of wear.

Of course, the amount of wear is not only related to the rotational speed, but also related to the force of the friction pair. In the case of the same output power, the friction loss at high speed is large, and the wear amount is also large. For example, 60 km/h cruising, 4 blocks Yes, you have to use 3rd gear. At this time, the engine speed is high, the fuel consumption is also high, and the friction pair wears a lot. You said that the injured car does not hurt the car!

However, everyone should not understand the bias; for example, they all start to accelerate to 60 speeds, people finish in 10 seconds, you spend 30 seconds slowly, which process is more hurting the car, really hard to say. Think about it yourself! Oil, can you not hurt 'money'?

The car is like a person, the old is too gentle and the temper is too big. You gently step on the clutch and it has to change the life. If you change gears to 5000 kilometers less than 2000 rpm, you should change the oil, and then obey the traffic rules. I am diligent, I don’t want to overspeed, I should change the tires for two or three years. Such a golden car, I don’t know if this is wasting my own money, because it is not used well.

Suggestion: The stepping on the step, maintenance on time, the car is not as delicate as you think, but don't deliberately say that I am the wayward 3 speed 5000 turn high speed, that is the practice of local tyrants.

Generally speaking, gasoline-type cars will achieve a maximum speed of 5,000 rpm or more, without 7,800 rpm, and considering the maximum speed limit of China's expressways, vehicles with 6-speed gearboxes generally have a speed of 120 km/h, 3,500. It can be realized by turning left and right. Therefore, the maximum speed of the general car tachometer is set at 6000-7000 rpm to meet daily driving.