One plus 6T night scene mode proofs comparison analysis: not only is it simple to brighten

In the second half of the year, the new flagship machine, the Plus 6T, was officially released today. In addition to the faster fingerprints than the competing products, the other most eye-catching feature is the addition of the self-developed Nightscape night mode, which is adopted. Multi-frame synthesis, anti-shake, noise reduction, sharpening and other methods are packaged into a night scene mode that is especially suitable for handheld shooting.

Nightscape night mode shooting process is very simple, as long as the shutter is held steady for about 2 seconds to get a film, we also made a detailed sample collection for this function during the New York conference, the following photos are taken in a normal handheld way.

This set of proofs is a scene at 4 am in Manhattan, New York. The large scene + no near-light source is a typical night scene. It can be said that this is the best time to use the multi-frame synthesis night scene mode. The noise control gap is obvious when the brightness is reduced, especially in the sky part. Simply put, the whole picture is much purer.

This set of proofs was taken on the street at 6-7 in the evening, because the light source of the scene is not too weak, so in this scene, the 6T Nightscape night scene mode is not in a hurry to do noise reduction and brightening. It is a clear optimization on the white balance and overexposure problems. The left side of the building has a tendency to be blue in the normal mode, while the Nightscape night mode is restored to its proper color. The contrast of the right advertising light board is also Obviously, the problem of overexposure after using the night scene mode has been greatly improved. From this group of proofs, it can be seen that the addition of the Nightscape night scene mode is not as simple as simply brightening, and there will be more on the multi-frame selection according to the scene situation. The choice to get a more reasonable night view.

This set of sample focus points is set on the opposite restaurant. This is a common type of user who wants to get a clear focus on the subject at night. The 6T Nightscape night scene mode clearly understands the user's intention and immediately does the main body of the restaurant. A lot of selection of frames to brighten the work, make the whole picture look brighter than the naked eye, and also do noise reduction, which makes the picture look unreal, but it is more flattering, because the user’s intention is to Take a clear picture of the subject. However, the algorithm of multi-frame synthesis is inherently incapable of encountering animal bodies during the shooting process, and there will be problems with the trajectory. This set of pictures also exposes this problem. At present, there is no good means to solve this problem in the industry. The problem, perhaps in the future, through the smarter AI, also monitors and eliminates animal bodies at different locations while multi-frame sampling.

This group is a sample of indoor non-complex light source. The 6T Nightscape night mode optimization idea is very simple, that is, the pressure over exposure and the purity improvement, and there is no brightening. The enlarged view can see the text although there is a slight Sharpening, but in fact the overall resolution has not improved.

This set of indoor food samples again shows that the 6T Nightscape night scene mode is not simple to brighten. If you don't say that many people will mistakenly think that the higher brightness is shot in the night scene mode, the opposite is true. The magnified picture shows the photos taken by Nightscape night mode. The noise on the bean paste soup and ceramic bowl in the bowl disappears obviously, and the over-exposure of the metal edge is also obviously relieved.

The optimization ideas of these two sets of proofs are similar, and a simple multi-frame synthetic brightening process is done. However, from the big picture, the resolution will be affected to some extent after the highlighting, and the texture of the building bricks is not so clear. It is also a kind of choice that is likable and far-reaching, and often the optimization direction of most night scene modes is around a flattering direction.

There are a lot of sample light sources in this group. The 6T Nightscape night mode optimizes all the overexposed areas, and also performs noise reduction processing, so that the whole picture is cleaned a lot under the same brightness.

This group is a sample of sufficient indoor light source. Firstly, the ceiling color reproduction is very good. Secondly, the strong light source is suppressed and slightly sharpened. Anyway, the whole picture looks not only bright and pure, but also the color and atmosphere. Active.

The work of this group of Nightscape night scene mode is also mainly around the problem of suppressing overexposure, but the brightness is a bit overwhelmed, and the original jersey part can see the resolution is reduced.

Finally, look at the comparison of the brightness of the indoors during the day. It can be said that in this case, the Nightscape night mode is not processed. There is no need to wait during the shooting. It can be seen that the night scene mode is also monitored when the light is sufficient. The same normal performance of not working, in line with expectations.

One plus this self-developed Nightscape night scene mode has been specifically optimized in most night scenes, and the selected optimization direction is very correct, which makes the final proof effect very guaranteed. The experience during the shooting process It is also ideal. It can be held for more than one second, and the filming rate is also very high. However, the waiting time is longer during the process of saving, so it will be more difficult if you want to use Nightscape night mode for continuous shooting. I hope that the official follow-up will be aimed at the long-term preservation problem. But in general, there is nothing wrong with taking this Nightscape night mode to do a common shooting function.