In fact, the era of audio competition on mobile phones has passed, Huawei has already been in the Bluetooth standard, external sound card and other fields of power, Huawei this ' recruit senior ' be

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Recently, Huawei also received the general, the original Sony audio head of the corner Tian Straight lung to invest in Huawei Audio, as a nationality of Japan's outstanding Audio division, will serve Huawei products in the future, really let a lot of pollen excited unceasingly. About Corner Tanaki Tama This character, presumably a lot of fans who have used Sony audio products products are no stranger: He is Sony's products qualia 010, EX1000 and other products R & amp; d, but also known as the ' King of the Circle ' of Sony MDR-R10 product development, it can be said that the corner Tanaki Tama before the

' The soul of Sony's audio department ' exists.

Corner Tanaki Tama-left four (Pictures quoted from the internet)

The current mobile phone market, Vivo, Meizu, Samsung and other giants, in the audio field of investment have a small amount of weight, from Huawei's trend, if said the same ' war ' audio field of sea, it will be a good play. Personally, I think Huawei should start to pay attention to the audio field, not only in the product's hifi sound quality to do the top, but to do consumer-grade AI audio products. We all know that every successful consumer-grade product takes three stages, from wanting (want), to needing (need), to becoming a feature (utility) and becoming part of other products.

And most products only stay at the ' want ' stage, and Huawei wants to evolve its products into ' functions ', thereby driving the platform strategy.

Photo quoted from Hifiman Brand founder and ceo--side imitation Weibo