Microsoft launched a new version of Surface Go mid-position for $499

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Microsoft announced the Surface Go device this year. This product can be regarded as a competitor of the Apple iPad. It sells for 3000-4000 yuan in the domestic market, but it can use most office software with the X86 architecture, and is more portable than the Surface Pro. The price is also lower.

Microsoft recently installed a 4GB 128GB storage version on the US official website.

However, the current official only 4GB 64GB storage version and 8GB 128GB storage version, in response to user needs, Microsoft recently installed a 4GB 128GB storage version on the US official website, priced at 499 US dollars. However, there is no domestic storage capacity version.

Currently there is no version in China.

Generally speaking, 64GB of memory is a bit small, especially the system will occupy a certain space. If the general office use 128GB is already stretched, 64GB needs to be used with external storage at any time. Therefore, this 4+128 storage version should be for users. The need to join.

According to foreign media, Microsoft has previously published this storage version of Surface Go, but it is bundled with Typer Cover. Now, it is a stand-alone version without bundled sales. The new version of Surface Go is only sold in consumer SKUs.

It should be noted that Microsoft actually has prepared a 256GB storage version, but it is still under development. The specific time to market is unclear. It is rumored that it may be equipped with an LTE network version.