Good news and frequent news | TCL double eleven open the door

As one of the most important consumer nodes nowadays, the annual double eleven battle has already started in early November. On November 2nd, TCL took the lead in sending out the news, on the first day of November, that is, on the 1st: 00-24:00, TCL2018 'Double Eleven' has achieved a good start in the consumer season, with sales exceeding 200 million yuan in 24 hours, not only taking advantage of the strong growth of 20% year-on-year, but also winning the ranking of Jingdong Home Appliances Gold Service. Ranked 1st in the flat-panel TV category, 5th in the refrigerator category, and laid a solid foundation for the 2018 double eleven big sales with impressive data.

Not only that, but at the same time of achieving remarkable sales performance, TCL continued the clear and efficient cross-border marketing ideas, and prepared a series of different 11-odd gifts for consumers.

When magic encounters technology, the best 'CP' detonates double eleven in advance

In the era of 'entertainment first', cooperation with celebrity IP has become a new game for many industries to attract consumers. Strong topicality and influence, let the alliance of well-known brands and strong IP in the era of fragmentation.

Last year's double eleven, TCL's total network sales reached 1.43 billion, an increase of 43.5%, perfect ending. This year, TCL is a multi-pronged, carefully designed and launched a series of IP convergence marketing events will run through the entire double In the eleventh consumer season, this includes the 'trend magic station' that attracted the attention and discussion of the whole network on October 31.

As the global spokesperson of TCL, the popular 'flowing niche' Ma Tianyu turned into a handsome magician, in the way of reality and magic alternately, the perfect integration of the trend and technology. At the same time, this activity is based on the amount of forwarding, comments, The novel way of unlocking videos by popularity and other popular values ​​has inspired the attention and participation enthusiasm of many 'feathers' and 'iron powders'. As of noon on November 2, Sina Weibo related topics #我的潮流生活# The number of readings has exceeded 76 million, and the number of discussions has exceeded 260,000. With the successive unlocking of related videos and the hot topic, the relevant data will continue to maintain rapid growth.

Multi-dimensional value increase, TCL achieves overall growth in performance

Signed a global brand ambassador Neymar, the joint drama "Three-body" set off the future of technology peaks and carnival, join hands with 'Net Red Coffee' to explore other life in the antlers lane, plus the joint effort of Ma Tianyu to present the magic 'series drama', it can be said that Throughout TCL's recent launch of a cross-border marketing feast, what is behind it is undoubtedly TCL's desire to rebuild the brand with long-term solid links with consumers, and to establish value associated with the younger generation of target consumer groups. diligent.

It is also under the guidance of this kind of thinking that TCL is gaining brand recognition and identity with the advantages and deepening of the whole industry chain integration and diversified business strategy transformation, as well as the globalization of sales channels and manufacturing bases. At the same time of rapid improvement, its sales performance has also made great progress. According to the third quarter report of 2018 released by TCL Group, in the first three quarters of 2018, TCL Group's operating income reached 82.24 billion yuan, which is expected to create five consecutive years of revenue. The scale of the scale exceeded 100 billion yuan. At the same time, the sales volume in the European market increased by 60.3% year-on-year, and the sales volume in the French market ranked third. In the context of the sluggish consumer electronics industry, the global performance achieved a contrarian growth.

Not only that, TCL Electronics' business progress in the first three quarters was even more remarkable. During the period, the company's turnover increased by 16.1% year-on-year to approximately 32.79 billion Hong Kong dollars, a record high in the first three quarters, and the gross profit margin of its own brand in the Chinese market increased year-on-year. 1.4 percentage points to 22.8%, the gross profit margin of self-owned brands in overseas markets increased by 2.5 percentage points to 14.6%.

For TCL, cooperation with many strong cross-border IPs provides an inexhaustible driving force for the rejuvenation and internationalization of its own brands. For the strong IPs that choose to cooperate with TCL, 'Made in China' On behalf of the brand TCL, they brought a new concept of height and a more technical temperament bonus.

Then, with the constant unlocking of the 'Trends Magic Station' series of videos, in the fantasy atmosphere intertwined with the magical atmosphere and real life scenes, what kind of technology and trend new knowledge will be harvested by the majority of 'Feathers' and 'Iron Powder'? During the 11th consumer season, what strong IP cooperation will TCL bring to bring more surprises? Let us continue to pay attention, I hope that TCL will bring us more exciting!