' Free Your Hands | Changhong release with voice open close smart refrigerator

October 27, Changhong Construction Industry 60 Anniversary Strategic transformation and product launch in Mianyang, the launch, Changhong Grand launch of a new Chiq series of artificial intelligence appliances, and announced cooperation with Xiaomi, is committed to the realization of changhong artificial intelligence appliances and millet and other smart home eco-chain equipment interconnection and mutual control. The launch of the new TV, air conditioning, refrigerator new products are applied to Changhong's latest artificial intelligence technology, and equipped with full voice interaction technology meiling M Fresh Voice smart refrigerator performance is particularly outstanding, with the industry's first full-voice interaction technology and ' free hands ' of the new design, subverting the industry's unprecedented interactive experience,

Sparking an industry shock.

With full voice interaction technology, refrigerators liberate more than their hands. Voice interaction makes artificial intelligence products more ' human ', making refrigerators more realistic, personalized, emotional, and scene. Meiling m fresh voice intelligent refrigerator using the industry's first full voice interaction technology, through direct dialogue between users and refrigerators, sound screen movement, full voice interaction, the realization of refrigerator automatic switch door, face induction identification and private message push, free hands, to achieve as long as people say a command, no need to start the refrigerator can automatically switch the door of freedom

. Through the innovative application of full-voice interaction technology, meiling M fresh Voice smart refrigerator has the vitality of ' can be listened to say will do '. Not only can it clearly understand the diverse needs of users in the dialogue, automatic switch doors can also achieve 3 seconds of flash memory, one-click Shopping, intelligent diagnostic reminders, interface DIY, timing cooking alert function.

For consumers, this new product can help them liberate their hands at the same time, but also enjoy the intelligent, living, scientific and technological trinity of human-computer interaction in the future free life experience. At the same time, M fresh voice intelligent refrigerator can be unique to meiling m fresh water molecules to activate fresh-keeping technology, multi-dimensional preservation management, the real ' liberation of health ', fresh escort.

With private kitchen space, private custom recipes, healthy recipes, food management, etc., for fresh custom recipes, in order to achieve the liberation of hands, more enjoy freshness, liberation of health. Industry's first full-voice interaction technology, phenomenal ' m fresh ' fresh-keeping technology, voice switch door redefinition, the refinement of fresh-keeping space, all for the pursuit of quality of life consumers to provide a higher end, more quality, more convenient choice, for consumers to completely liberate their hands, free time, liberate fresh, enjoy the whole smart home era of Shu

Suitable experience.

Combined Xiaomi to realize Ai+iot's Artificial intelligence appliance array Facing the competitive environment of the new era, Changhong will continue to deepen the intelligent strategy guided by the ' new three coordinates ', gather high-quality resources to focus on the development of information appliances, industrial services, civil-military integration and other ' three main industries ' sectors, and promote the upgrading of the industrial structure.

Strive to 2025, the full realization of ' Do strong, do excellent, bigger '. Changhong related in charge of the scene also said: ' Changhong will be based on IoT technology, Ai+iot technology as the core, through a strong IoT compatibility protocol, Changhong Smart home appliances and other smart home eco-chain equipment interconnection and mutual control. At present, Changhong has reached a cooperation with Xiaomi, to achieve connectivity with rice home IoT equipment. In the future, we will actively integrate into other IoT platforms with a more open attitude.

' Under the guidance of this idea, the new Chiq Artificial Intelligence TV q6a can turn off the screen to turn the intelligent voice speaker, the boot is artificial intelligence TV, the shutdown is turned into a inline speaker. With the Internet of things and compatibility protocols, consumers can control cross-brand smart home devices with Chiq TV by simply issuing voice commands.

In addition to the quality of OLED TV and many other advantages, Q6A integrated high recognition rate of new far-field speech recognition technology, a sentence sound registration technology and the world's first full-voice ai-ui technology, and through TTS emotional voice interaction technology, so that artificial intelligence television has become more ' human. ' And the new Changhong Artificial intelligence air conditioning products based on intelligent terminals and sensors, with big data and cloud platform as the link, pioneered five voice control technology: Sound pattern recognition, acoustic recognition, azimuth recognition, speech recognition, semantic recognition, can be through the sound pattern to identify the user's identity, in the networked state can be with the user to achieve easy chat,

In other words, not only ' understand ', more ' listen in time ', break the current ' intelligent air conditioning ' app+ Network + air conditioning inherent mode, so that the vast number of users in the use of air conditioning process to get rid of the dependence on mobile phones.

Meiling refrigerator will also be in Changhong group ' new three coordinates ' intelligent strategy guidance, accelerate technology transformation, product iterative upgrade, under the addition of millet, the comprehensive optimization of artificial intelligence voice interaction technology, and strive to achieve the TV as the center of the smart home ecological chain set up interconnection and mutual control, to bring users an extraordinary intelligent experience. Meiling m fresh Voice intelligent Refrigerator has successfully applied for 40 patents, including 28 invention patents and 12 utility models, full voice interaction technology, voice opening and closing, private kitchen space, water molecular activation and fresh-keeping technology, scientific and technological see and other five industries pioneered technology has also consolidated the hard power of meiling intelligent refrigerator in the field of artificial intelligence technology,

Become an important part of the intelligent home ecological chain. Industry experts said: ' Refrigerator leading enterprise meiling in the use of water molecules to activate fresh-keeping technology, based on the concept of ' liberating hands ', the first use of the industry pioneered full voice interaction technology, the realization of voice control refrigerator opening and closing, is undoubtedly in the refrigerator market set off an intelligent home appliance competition craze. At the same time, with Changhong in the artificial intelligence voice interaction function leading position, the introduction of a new series of artificial intelligence home appliance products, will guide the new trend of the smart family industry, will inevitably lead to disruptive changes in the development of the home appliance industry.

' Free Your Hands | Changhong release with voice open close smart refrigerator