Purple rice 10000mAh PD fast charge mobile power supply dismantling: use conscience

Zi Mi recently launched a 10000mAh mobile power supply, model QB910. This product has two major features, one is to support USB PD fast charge protocol, can quickly charge for iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and other mobile phones .

Second, this mobile power supply uses a cloth-like outer casing. The fiber material feels very skin-friendly. It is matched with a plastic-coated metal texture. It is very eye-catching. It has just brought you a simple start-up experience of this product. What brings you the internal disassembly of this product.

One, purple rice QB910 mobile power appearance

First of all, it can be seen from the packaging that Zi Mi has spent a lot of thought on this mobile power supply. It is packaged in a white world cover with a product picture on the front.

The back of the box is the detailed parameters of this product. Product Name: ZMI 10000mAh two-way fast charging mobile power high version; Product model: QB910; Product size: 140.6*72*15.9mm; Support 5V/2A, 9V/2A input, USB-A port supports 5V/2.4A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A output, USB-C port supports 5V/3A, 9V/2A, 12V/1.5A output, and dual port output 5V/3A.

The side is the product's three main selling points: wear-resistant body, multi-protocol two-way fast charge and USB-C expansion function.

In addition to the mobile power supply, a black USB-A to USB-C charging cable is included in the box.

USB-A to USB-C charging short wire is made of nylon weaving process, which is resistant to dirt, tensile and bending.

The mobile power supply is positive, the reverse is the outer layer of the cloth process, it has a gray appearance, not only looks very tasteful, but also feels very soft, and the experience is very good. The product volume is also relatively small and portable, and the comparison is found. The length of the mobile power supply is much shorter than the iPhone XS Max.

The thickness of the product is only one-half the diameter of a dollar coin.

The silver-gray mid-frame part is made of PC+ABS material, plus a spray coating process, which looks very metallic.

The purple rice mobile power supply is equipped with three charging interfaces, namely USB-A, USB-C and MicroUSB, and four LED indicators can display the remaining power of the mobile power.

The side is the power switch button and the extended indicator light. Double-click the power button, the blue color of the body will light up, the mobile power supply enters the small current charging mode, and the USB-C port of the computer can also be connected through the USB-C port. The extension of the USB-A interface can be used to read a USB flash drive, connect a mouse, etc.

The other side is the detailed parameter information of the product. The silkscreen of these parameters is similar to the color of the middle frame and is not easy to find.

The USB-C port of this mobile power supply has a PD fast charge output function, so it can supply power to two mobile phone devices at the same time.

Using ChargerLAB POWER-Z FL001SUPER test, the output supports USB PD, QC2.0, Apple 2.4A three charging protocols.

Detecting the PDO message of the USB-C port, you can see that the USB-C port has 2 voltage positions, which are 5V/3A, 9V/2A, and the maximum power is 18W; the USB PD version is 3.0.

Finally, the USB-A port supports QC2.0 fast charging. Second, the purple rice QB910 mobile power supply dismantling

The mobile power supply housing is snap-fitted, using a pry bar to slowly pry along the edge.

It is easier to remove the upper cover, you can see the internal battery pack and PCBA, and the battery is covered with two shock-proof foam.

Tear off the shockproof foam, you can see through the battery code, the battery comes from Tianjin Lishen, single-chip lithium ion 4.4V high platform battery, capacity 10000mAh, energy 38.5Wh.

The main part of the mobile power housing is made of PC+ABS. The mold date of the housing is October 2018, very new.

The PCBA is attached to the housing by two screws.

Remove the screws and separate the battery pack and PCBA from the housing. This mobile power supply uses a single-chip lithium-ion battery, and the battery is sealed with a strong double-sided tape.

The front panel of the PCB is abbreviated. It can be seen that the patch is covered with the chip components. The sockets are all welded by via holes, which is more reliable.

SOUTHSHIP Shanghai Nanxin SC8813 step-up and step-down chip, SC8813 is a synchronous rectification step-down charge, and supports reverse boost output. I2C interface controls the output voltage. The Zimi QB910 uses a SC8813 to complete the internal battery charging and boost output. .

Two Toshiba TPCC8104 PMOS tubes.

Eastsoft Neusoft carrier TR5611 microcontroller.

Silk screen '7301Y 01131' is a USB-C interface controller that supports USB PD protocol identification. It is a custom USB PD chip.

Silk screen 'ZMhEA' is the input identification chip for MicroUSB interface, from Tianzhu Technology FP6601M.

The same is a Scorpio FP6601M as the output identification chip of the USB-A interface.

PCBA interface surface overview, a TDK integrated powder alloy inductor, low internal efficiency and high efficiency.

Nanxin SC8813 external two MOS semiconductor MOS, model VS3618AE, the upper R010 is the current sampling resistor.

Next to the USB-A interface is a silk screen '2007N' hex chip for output protection, and a TPCC8104, on the left side is the battery protection tube, saving space with CSP package.

The 'LA88G04' is printed on the USB-C connector.

Power button and LED indicator.

Three charging interface close-up.

The charging head network dismantling is summarized in the same mobile power supply. The purple rice USB PD fast charging mobile power supply can give people a bright feeling in appearance, and the cloth pattern process makes the product feel better in the hand. The internal materials are full, using Lishen 4.4V high platform battery; Nanxin SC8813 synchronous buck-boost controller, CNC voltage regulation, anti-interference ability is stronger;

In addition, the integrated powder alloy inductor is used to improve efficiency. In terms of protocol, the PD controller of USB-C interface is a custom chip for Zi Mi, and the protocol chips of USB-A interface and MicroUSB interface are all from Tianzhu Technology.