Article Error correction Apple usb-c turn 3.5mm meter headphone hole conversion head test: Excellent compatibility

Apple canceled the 3.5mm headphone hole and lightning interface on the new ipad Pro and changed it to a USB type-c interface.

After testing, the latest usb-c turn 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter can be successfully compatible with your Mac computer for audio output via the Type-c interface.

We got Apple's new usb-c 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter in the first place, which is mainly used in Apple devices equipped with USB TYPE-C interfaces, and currently has only a few Mac PCs to support, in addition to the two new ipad Pro that has not yet been shipped. Real

Measurement: Compatible with Macbook/macbook Pro/imac Since the new ipad Pro, which has just been released, has not yet started shipping, we first tested it with our own Mac computer, and Apple has not previously introduced a usb-c to 3.5mm transfer wiring, so is it only compatible with ipad Pro? Or can both ipad and Mac be common?

Let's look at it together.

After connecting this line to the Usb-c interface on the MacBook or imac, select System Preferences-sound in the System main menu, and then select the Output tab to see that the computer has recognized the transfer wiring as a sound output device.

First of all, using Apple MacBook 2015, the product is Apple's first entire fuselage only a type-c interface Mac computer, after the measurement, usb-c turn 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter on the MacBook can be smoothly compatible, can carry out audio output.

Remember once the MacBook headphone hole was blocked by foreign bodies, resulting in 3.5mm headphones plugged in to fail, now with usb-c turn 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter, you can temporarily through the Type-c interface transition a bit.

And then found the MacBook Pro 13 inch 2017, the same can be through the Type-c interface audio output.

Finally, the imac Retina 5K 27 inch 2017, can still be through the Type-c interface audio output. Here's a brief count for you.

, along with the latest ipad Pro, there are currently 14 Apple devices using the Usb-c interface, all of which can be audio output via a usb-c turn 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter external wired headset.

Other devices that use the Lightning interface can only perform audio output via the Lightning turn 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter.

It looks a lot like a lightning transfer wiring.

Usb-c turn 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter Overall close-up, printed on the wire on the model A2049, wire texture soft and earpods cable headphones similar.

Usb-c mouth close-up.

3.5mm headphone Hole close-up.

Usb-c turn 3.5 mm headphone Jack Converter Packaging display

The front of the package is the rendering diagram of the transfer wiring, above which is the product name: Usb-c to headphone jack transfer wiring, Apple official website name is Usb-c turn 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter.

On the back of the package is usb-c to headphone jack transfer wiring of the national language translation.

Close-up of the top of the package.

Packaging side is part of the product information, you can see the product name is USB-C headphone jack Converter, model A2049.

The packaging on the other side of the device is compatible with iOS 12.1, and all Apple devices that support iOS 12.1 are currently lighting, so only two of the latest ipad Pro is available at this stage. The bottom of the package is the product model, production date and product barcode.

Can be seen is October 2018 production, should be the first shipment of products.

Packing list: User manual and Warranty, 1 usb-c turn 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter. At first glance very much like the previous lightning wiring, the same is embedded in the paper tray inside.

Out of environmental considerations, product packaging are mainly paper-based.

Comparison with the appearance of the lightning transfer wiring

Put the usb-c to 3.5 mm headphone jack converter together with the Lightning interface converter and you can see that the two are very similar.

The size of the lightning and usb-c two interfaces is significantly different, and the usb-c is wider and longer in size.

The Lightning interface contrasts with the Usb-c interface shape.

The size and length of two 3.5mm headphone holes tend to be consistent.

3.5mm headphone hole size comparison. The Lightning interface is currently used primarily for iphone devices, while the Usb-c interface is mainly common in Android phones.

Summarize Although two new ipad Pro has not yet been officially shipped, but usb-c to 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter is already available,

The price is 69 yuan.

According to the measurement, this transfer wiring can be smoothly compatible with the MacBook 2015/macbook Pro 13 inch 2017/imac Retina 5K 27 inch 2017 of these products. From this we can speculate that

  • In addition to the two latest ipad Pro, as long as it is a Mac computer with a USB type-c interface, the audio output can be performed via the usb-c turn 3.5 mm headphone jack Converter.
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