What should I do if the water heater leaks? What are the reasons?

The weather is getting colder. When you finish your day's work and just want to take a hot bath, the best time of the day is at this moment. But do you know? If the electric water heater is used improperly, it will lead to the water heater. Leakage, causing accidents. In recent years, accidents caused by water heater leakage have occurred frequently, but self-checking the water heater is to prevent it. So, what causes the water heater to leak?

Causes of water heater leakage

1. When the water heater is installed, it is not connected to the ground wire, which may cause leakage accidents.

2, the magnesium rod of the water heater is not replaced in time, the magnesium rod will be gradually corroded, if the water heater has a longer life, it is best to contact the professional maintenance master to take a look at the washing and cleaning, the change is still to be replaced.

3. The heating pipe of the water heater is eroded, causing leakage of the perforation.

4, the use of the water heater has exceeded the life, the casing is seriously rusted;

Two cases of water heater leakage

In the first case, the water heater has no leakage, no water is added, and there is leakage. This may be caused by the contact between the power supply line of the water heater and the electrical enclosure. 1 No good grounding, short circuit, no good grounding or no grounding. Will not trip, but trips when exposed to human body. It is recommended not to try to check on your own, to find a professional person to overhaul.

In the second case, there is no leakage after heating and no leakage. After the addition of water, there is leakage. This happens. It is very likely that the heating tube casing is burned through and the water inlet is conductive. It is necessary to replace and replace the heating tube in time.

In daily life, how to prevent leakage of water heaters?

1, the water heater should have an anti-electric wall, and the water heater needs a special leakage protection plug, it is best to install a leakage protector, once the leakage occurs will automatically trip, can avoid the occurrence of water heater accidents.

2, the water heater needs regular cleaning and maintenance

Tap water contains a lot of calcium and magnesium ions. The long-term use of water heaters will lead to more and more scale, which will corrode heating pipes or magnesium rods, which will easily cause electric water leakage accidents.

3, the correct connection of the ground wire

Good connection to the ground wire will lead the current to the ground, the best way to prevent leakage. When using the water heater, it is best to cut off the power supply, do not take a bath while heating.

4, the service life of electric water heater is 8~10 years, the life of gas water heater is 6~8 years. If daily life does not pay attention to cleaning or maintenance, the life of water heater will only be shorter.

5, Do not buy ultra-low-cost or second-hand electric water heaters, how low-cost products will cost extra cost to install leakage safety devices, second-hand electric water heaters have expired, so small cheap and greedy.