TCL ice wash debut in 2018 China-Latin America Trade and Investment Fair

The 12th China-Latin America Trade and Investment Fair was held in Zhuhai, China from November 1st to 3rd. The China-Latin America Trade and Investment Fair is an important window for China's opening up and is an important platform for foreign trade development, to promote China and Latin America. Economic and trade cooperation plays a very important role.

As one of the important exhibitors of the previous exhibitions, TCL refrigerator washing machine, TCL free-flow washing machine and TCL integrated variable frequency air-cooled refrigerator were added to the exhibition. The new product technology attracted many guests from home and abroad. With the international trade trading platform of China-Latin America Trade and Investment Fair, TCL refrigerator washing machine showed the 'pragmatic and innovative' product brand concept and unique product technology craftsmanship to the public, and delivered the life of TCL refrigerator washing machine to Latin American market and Caribbean market. Concept, accelerate the confidence and determination to expand the international market.

Be brave in innovation, open a new life without pollution

All greatness stems from the courage to think, all development comes from dare to do, all achievements stem from the insistence on innovation. TCL washing machine concentrates on product innovation, constantly breaks through the technical barriers of traditional household appliances, dare to dare to persist. March 2016, TCL washing machine pioneered a revolutionary subversive pollution-free washing machine, and the pollution-free washing machine began to enter the historical stage; in August 2016, the TCL pollution-free drum washing machine was introduced to realize the drum anti-fouling system solution; in March 2017 The first non-pollution bucket in the barrel washing machine, became the founder of the free sewage system solution; in March 2018, released the 'free pollution +' strategic upgrade, TCL washing machine will be the first in 2018 to achieve offline product line pollution free At the same time, stop the research and development investment of non-stainless products, and stop production of non-soil-free washing machines in 2020, and gradually promote healthy washing to a new milestone, so that pollution-free + truly become the standard of healthy living.

The TCL pollution-free washing machine realizes the user-provided all-round, full-process, full-life pollution-free system: The washing machine thoroughly bids farewell to solid contaminants (filaments, hair, metal, oxides, etc.) and germs (bacterial microorganisms) to achieve all-round 100% health care for pollution-free; free of pollution in the whole process of washing, no separate procedures, no pollution process, convenient and worry-free, each time a brand new laundry experience, giving the clothes a new look; providing customers with a life-cycle free solution In the product life cycle of TCL pollution-free washing machine, from purchase to use, no matter how long or short, it will always be free of pollution, and will not cause pollution during use. It will encourage consumers to use the washing machine more confidently, which is more healthy for us. A protection, and a warm atmosphere at home.

At the same time, TCL pollution-free washing machine adopts the first low-temperature quick-drying condensing type washing and drying machine, double-layer high-efficiency metal condenser, which realizes 40-minute speed-washing and drying one-two-piece shirt 40-minute speed washing, ie washing and drying, 2 The shirt is dried at a speed of 26 minutes; this low-temperature and quick-drying technology just solves this problem, allowing the user to wash and dry, enjoy the freedom of life, feel peace of mind every moment, and at the same time distinguish it from ordinary washing One-piece washing machine, TCL pollution-free washing machine adopts 50-degree low-temperature drying care, so that the clothes can be refined and dried during the low-temperature drying process, even the materials such as wool, down, silk, etc., so that the laundry drying is no longer fast. In the rhythm of life, the elbow. In addition, the motor, fan BLDC double frequency conversion technology, achieve 45 decibel washing mute, speed up to 1400 rpm, easily support the long-term efficient and smooth operation of the washing machine, energy-saving and efficient dehydration without deformation, power for 20 years of use; T- DI intelligent precision automatic delivery system, 1.2 liters of large volume, one time to meet the needs of users in January, to create a comfortable living space.

Smart health, leading the new style of wind and cold

TCL refrigerator deepens the needs of users, and in March 2018, it upgraded its smart health + product brand strategy, realizing the ingredients from simple storage to fresh maintenance + smart health management, creating the wisdom for users to shop from outside to inside, store to three meals a day. Health home. With the continuous deepening of brand strategy, let innovative technology and innovative products continue to serve users healthy life.

TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator is more focused on food and smart storage, to achieve fast storage and cold storage of food storage, with intelligent air-cooling and frost-free technology, full-space permanent AAT negative oxygen ion fresh-keeping technology, quickly create a uniform temperature storage space for ingredients. Provides 360-degree maintenance of dust removal, deodorization, sterilization, and fresh care. It truly upgrades the ingredients from 'single storage' to 'storage maintenance'. At the same time, it uses anti-mildew grade silver ion antibacterial handle, anti-mildew grade 1 antibacterial Door seal, AAT+ smart wind, newly upgraded T-Hips modified antibacterial material, remove a variety of harmful bacteria from the outside to the inside, protect the freshness and safety of ingredients, and provide thoughtful health care for the family.

TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator also special storage for special ingredients, special independent storage area, special exclusive storage space for precious red wine, high-grade tea, Chinese herbal medicine, ladies cosmetics, tailor-made treasure collection, unique eucalyptus drawer And wine rack, can intelligently regulate the temperature and humidity which are most suitable for wine storage, and store special ingredients such as red wine and cosmetics, so that all kinds of fake products can be exclusively stored. At the same time, TCL integrated frequency air-cooled refrigerator also has special maternal and child area storage. Maternal and child food, 3°C optimal storage temperature, sterile and non-fermentative, can protect the maternal and child health through one-button intelligent setting, so that mothers no longer have to worry about the storage of breast milk and young children's food supplement; it can be said that with TCL integrated frequency conversion Air-cooled refrigerators, whether it is ordinary fish and vegetables, or special precious herbs, tea, cosmetics, red wine maternal and child food, can find their own exclusive space, scientific storage at the right temperature, to maintain the best state. TCL integrated frequency conversion The air-cooled refrigerator provides an insight into all aspects of the user's needs, providing users with the ultimate air-cooling solution.

At the 'Large Stage' of the China-Latin America Trade and Investment Fair, the TCL refrigerator washing machine relies on the pursuit of product quality, the spirit of continuous innovation, and the precise grasp of the Latin American market and the Caribbean market environment. The Latin American market and the Caribbean market have accumulated huge customer resources and good brand reputation. In the future, TCL refrigerator washing machines will continue to be based in China, facing Latin America, facing the international, we believe that the future performance of TCL refrigerator washing machine will be more worth looking forward to!