Why are the hot solar water heaters so popular now?

I remember when I went to a rural friend's house a few years ago, I found that there were solar water heaters on the roof of the village. This is because in the background of no natural gas in the countryside, solar water heaters are the most suitable. It can accumulate heat, which can make people better take a hot bath.

When I went there again in the first two months, I found that many solar water heaters on the roof of the home had disappeared. Instead, the natural gas water heater in the bathroom was replaced. The reason seems to be very simple, because the village has already passed natural gas - although each Take 2,700 bucks to ventilate. Obviously, many people are reluctant to buy solar water heaters when there is a choice.

From the perspective of product form, the solar water heater must be placed on the roof or the roof. The rural area is well solved, but in the urban community this problem is too big. If every family wants to install solar water heaters, the roof of the community will be Being 'squeezed out'!

However, I think that the important reason for the solar water heater to be abandoned is that the experience is poor. Because solar energy is needed to heat the water, the experience of the solar water heater is directly linked to the weather, the season, etc. In the rainy weather, the solar water heater has no effect. What is even more helpless is that in the winter, the solar water heater has almost become a 'layout'. Just like when I was in a friend's house, I was in the winter, and the pipes of the solar water heater were frozen, let alone hot water!

And even in the normal season, it is not possible to use hot water at once. It takes a while to let the cold water in the pipe be drained in order to use hot water. In the bath, if the interval is longer, I still need to re-release the water. This kind of experience is really not good.

In addition, with the maintenance and other reasons, solar water heaters are becoming more and more '尴尬'. And with the full popularity of natural gas, natural gas water heaters quickly replaced the position of solar water heaters with good experience and low prices. After all, Solar water heaters are actually a kind of transitional product. After the emergence of better products, solar water heaters are naturally eliminated.