Strength to play | TCL air conditioning shines 2018 big country brand ceremony

On October 30th, TCL's exclusive CCTV-1 CCTV-1 heavyweight “Golden Brand” 2018 big country brand annual summit was held in Beijing. The conference was based on the theme of 'Chinese brand • World sharing' to fulfill the 'national platform to achieve national brand' For the mission, we have created a group of outstanding brands that represent the Chinese brand image and have a world pattern. At the summit, under the witness of the audience, TCL air-conditioner high-end intelligent boutique matrix represented by T Rui, i涟 was unveiled, attracting Many guests at the scene, the media's extensive attention.

TCL Air Conditioning Beijing Partner Representative attended the summit

Brand upgrade

The brand is the intangible asset of the enterprise, witnessing the self-confidence and calmness of Chinese enterprises on the global stage; the brand is one of the signs of China's rise, witnessing the gorgeous transformation of 'Made in China' towards 'China's creation'.

As a big country brand that has been advancing with the wave of reform and opening up, TCL has been marching into the field of global strategic expansion in the past 37 years. While the brand attention in overseas markets has continued to soar, it has demonstrated the strength of Chinese brands and the confidence of Chinese culture. At the annual summit of the 2018 big country brand, TCL won the 2018 big country brand annual summit honor trophy. As a strategic industry of TCL Group, TCL air conditioning has moved from 'brand quality' to a new journey of 'brand image' development. Adhering to the principle of 'Quality First, Efficiency First', we will create a brand image by striving to create a boutique air conditioner that allows consumers to enjoy the functional value and enjoyment of a comfortable life.

TCL air conditioning smart boutique T Rui & i涟

In the strategy of reshaping the brand image, TCL air-conditioning will be positioned in the 'every degree of the home,' to guide its product development, to meet the escalating consumer appeal. Integrate young, fashion, intelligent and other elements , with pleasure, energy saving, comfortable airflow satisfaction, temperature, humidity, cleanliness and 360-degree interconnected comfort, TCL air conditioners are more energy-efficient, more comfortable and healthy for consumers, more in line with user habits. The new experience of a beautiful smart home life.

In the new cold year, TCL air conditioners successively won the '2018 China National Grid's popular brand', '2018-2019 air conditioner industry smart pioneer brand', 'annual technology / design innovation results', 'US 2018 IDEA award' and many more Industry awards, big country brand power has been highly recognized by the market, industry and authority.

Boutique strategy, witness product advancement

Product strength is the foundation of the brand, which is the survival rule of the enterprise in the era of consumption upgrading. After 19 years of TCL air conditioning, we always adhere to the needs of users as the center, guided by the intelligent strategy, and the product design promotes the four-high concept, namely high reliability. , cost-effective, high intelligence, high value. On this basis, the pursuit of each boutique is on the market.

T Rui series as the annual flagship of TCL air conditioner debut at the summit. T Rui series as a versatile, perfect bearing the 'flagship' product positioning, due to the use of intelligent algorithms and innovative design, airflow comfort satisfaction can reach 92%, much higher than ordinary 60% of air conditioners, and can maintain the entire room in the most comfortable 40%-60% humidity range. In addition, T Rui also has intelligent energy-saving features, fixed power saving, constant temperature and power saving, user-defined, save money to see It has the function of light-sensing sleep, and it is the first choice for creating a smart and comfortable home environment.

TCL air conditioner annual flagship T Rui series

The i涟 series is another boutique air conditioner that was unveiled at the summit. In a week, the innovative crowdfunding broke through 200,000 sets and became a super-burning product. It was amazed by the TCL air-conditioning. In the past two years, it has been repeatedly polished, and finally it has been listed. As one of the smallest cabinets in the industry, i涟 covers an area of ​​only 0.124m2; with the national patent design, the wind vane and the closed door are combined into one. Eternal classic white with crystal clear decorative strips ice blue, synchronously equipped with TCL air conditioning cool soft wind, 72 kinds of air supply mode, 60 °C high temperature and strong core and other intelligent technology.

TCL air conditioning star products i涟 series

The rise of a big country requires a big country brand. Only by truly creating the ultimate product innovation and experience service from the perspective of consumers, returning to the national sentiment, quality and price, warmth, will make the world better understand the power of Chinese brands, let the world Trust in China.

After 19 years of precipitation and accumulation, today's TCL air conditioners are taking responsibility of the big country brand as their responsibility, standing on the world stage, explaining to the world a more humane new smart home life experience. It is foreseeable that in the brand power With the two-wheel drive of the product force, TCL air conditioner will surely lead the industry into a new chapter in the wave of globalization.