Royal style new product makes comfort upgrade | Kelon air conditioning double eleven does not play | 'virtual'

On October 31, Kelon Air Conditioning held the 'Kelong Air Conditioning Yufeng New Product Tasting and Double Eleven Promotion Conference' in Qingdao Hisense Pingdu Industrial Park. Wen Jiabang, General Manager of Kelon Air Conditioning Marketing Department, Kelong Wang Zhaoli, Minister of Air Conditioning Technology and Minister of Production, attended the conference. The new product tasting area of ​​'Kelong Yufeng Air Conditioning', which combines new technology, is full of scientific and interactive experience, the most realistic production workshop, and the video of the magician with suspense, attracting the attention of many media on the spot.

These breakthrough conventional forms have been uploaded to the theme of Kelon Air Conditioning's double eleventh event in the 'Kelong Air Conditioning Royal Wind Tasting New Tasting and Double Eleven Promotion Conference', and Kelon Air Conditioning has always insisted The direction: 'First-class frequency conversion, one thousand miles to pick one'.

Among them, the experience of the new 'Kelong Yufeng Air Conditioning' that incorporates the upgrade technology is the highlight of this tasting. In the early stage of the event, Kelon Air Conditioning on the Weibo, WeChat end lined a large magic that combines excitement, drama and mystery. The trailer of the video of the teacher caused the reverie of netizens and the industry and shouted 'expected!'. At the scene of the event on the 31st, the mystery was also revealed one by one.

Tasting excellent new air conditioner, suspense reveals surprise full marks

At the tasting meeting, Zheng Lijia, the promotion manager of Yufeng Air Conditioning Products, demonstrated to the guests the 'Kelong Yufeng Air Conditioning' in the use of superior performance in district air supply, stepless speed regulation, etc., and invited guests to experience: '科Long Yufeng Air Conditioner broke the technical impediment and adopted the 'customized' zone air supply design, which can realize the air supply from top to bottom, left and right, and sub-area. In addition, its stepless speed regulation technology can realize 0-100 level stepless Speed ​​regulation, breaking the traditional five-speed air supply mode, to meet the user's desired temperature to the utmost accuracy; 'Kelong Yufeng Air Conditioning' is equipped with 4D full DC technology, which is better, more efficient and more energy efficient. , more silent. Experience guests said: 'The design of the district air supply is full of wisdom, especially the elderly and children at home, it can not blow the child's head, protect the elderly's legs, and the adult's waist, very intimate.'

In the context of upgrading consumer demand, consumers' demand for air conditioners is also gradually changing. When it comes to the essence of air conditioners, after 80, 90, consumers' goals and needs are clearer, and the quality of air conditioners is efficient, warm and comfortable. Sexuality and other attentions are getting higher and higher. 'Kelong Yufeng Air Conditioning' is aimed at the user's pain point needs, and has completely upgraded the cabinet to ensure the best experience of temperature and comfort.

'First-class frequency conversion, one stroke, one pick, one double eleven big to promote expectations

The product that effectively solves the pain points of consumers is the foundation. It is the key to bring the actual favorable benefits to consumers. Today, Kelon Air Conditioning officially released the theme of the double eleven major promotion - 'first-class frequency conversion, one thousand pick one', Wen Jiabang, General Manager of Kelon Air Conditioning Marketing Department Represented: 'Kelong as a traditional home appliance enterprise, in the current era of turbulent times, the Internet is no longer a supplementary channel for traditional marketing, but a new mainstream big market, e-commerce is the trend of the times, the strategic transformation of e-commerce is imminent Throughout the past 10 years, the development of e-commerce, from Taobao, to Tmall, Jingdong, Suning Tesco, traditional e-commerce occupy the main battlefield of online shopping for consumers, but we can not ignore the rise of community e-commerce, This will also be our place to continue to work in the future. '

Wen Jiabang, General Manager of Kelon Air Conditioning Marketing Department

Nowadays, the Double 11 has already become a global shopping carnival, but I don’t know when it’s been used. During the Double Eleven period, the business of many merchants has become more and more complicated. From the initial simple red envelope, to the current collection, pull friends. Group teams, consumers spend more time, more energy, less and less benefits and benefits, many consumers believe that 'double eleven investment and the return is getting less and less proportional, I hope that the merchant's routine is simple. '

It is based on the needs of consumers that Kelon Air Conditioning has launched a fun and simple gameplay in the early stage – the first season of Kelon Air Conditioning Network Red Building Plan. It is reported that the first 11 hours of November 11th, in the section Dragon air-conditioning official channel to buy first-class inverter air conditioner, will have the opportunity to become a network red, net red will enjoy the following five major rights: the value of 250,000 yuan BMW one-year use rights, the purchase of Kelon first-level inverter free single, one year Flowers are free to send (Note: January 1st bundle), exclusive posters are distributed in the official micro-accounts of millions of fans, and ten vibrato videos worth 100,000 yuan are tailored.

In addition, Kelon Air Conditioning has prepared a premium purchase discount for the second half price, buy the cabinet, and install 0 yuan. The marketing game during the double eleven period relies on the new market trend, in the fun. It is more attractive to consumers and freely offers the biggest benefits in an intuitive way.

At this stage, consumers are constantly improving the quality requirements of their products, and they have put forward more requirements for the gameplay of the merchants. The consumer appliance industry has accelerated the pace of transformation and upgrading. In this round of competition, Kelon air conditioners use high-efficiency technology and gameplay. Upgrade the two advantages of blessing, through the return to the essential attributes of air-conditioning, concentrating on researching user needs, upgrading technology, user experience and gameplay innovation, will certainly detonate the double eleven market.