Water Purifier Industry Development Trend | Enterprises focus on mining market segments

The water purifier can effectively remove bacteria, bacteria, heavy metals and other impurities in the water. As of 2017, China's water purifier market is as large as 27 billion yuan. In 2018, the water purifier industry will usher in new development opportunities. The following is the water purifier. Industry development trend analysis.

Water purifier industry development trend

China's water purifier market started late, currently only 20 years old, the market penetration rate is about 5%, compared with the penetration rate of 75% in the countries of Europe, America and Japan. There is a big gap in 2017. China's water purifier in 2017 The number of brands has reached 5,600, and the competition is increasingly fierce. However, due to the lack of industry standards and standards, the quality of products is uneven, and the market is in a state of divergence. The development trend of the water purifier industry in 2018 will be carried out in four aspects:

The development trend of the water purifier industry, the rise of water purifiers

Analysis of the water purifier market, the rise of the post-80s consumer group has driven the trend of product personalization, the word 'customized' has become more and more sought after by consumers, and in terms of water purifiers, from product size to color to material Even the personality pattern, the user has absolute control over his own water purifier. Therefore, for the manufacturer, in addition to the functional needs of the product, the product must also meet the consumer's individual needs.

The development trend of the water purifier industry II, the weight of the high-end water purifier market is increasing

With the acceleration of economic development, the middle class has grown stronger, and the consumption power of mainstream consumer groups has gradually increased. This has laid the foundation for the development of the mid-to-high-end product market. Compared with the products that are cheap and cost-effective, they are more willing to In fact, a new consumer market concept has been quietly popular in the current water purifier industry, which is in line with the middle-income but fashion-conscious consumer psychology while meeting its purchasing power. Market.

The development trend of the water purifier industry three, 'smart' will become the industry's sales highlights and major growth points

Intimate intelligent functions have become the additional competitiveness of water purifier products. As the market continues to heat up, individualized, diversified consumption has become prominent, and new pursuits have become mainstream. From the perspective of new manufacturers, compared with traditional clean water Means, have adopted intelligent, integrated waterway, dual water source, filter detection, TDS detection, WIFI control and other advanced functions. The water purifier industry development trend analysis, and the model also transforms from a single water purification function to heating or cooling Integrated direct drinking machine trend.

The development trend of the water purifier industry is four, the future of the enterprise is more focused on mining market segments.

According to the development trend of water purifiers in China, it is not difficult to see that the Chinese water purifier industry is undergoing tremendous changes. The water purifier industry is undergoing market segmentation. 'Small but fine, small and beautiful' has become more and more water purifiers. Enterprises begin to think about issues, focus on making enterprises more vital and innovative. Under the innovation, they have formed the characteristics of their own industry, such as some companies focus on ultrafiltration, some companies focus on reverse osmosis, etc. This is the current net The inevitable result of the market segmentation of the water industry.

It is imperative to ensure the safety of drinking water. The water purifier has won the recognition of many consumers because of its beautiful appearance and lack of space. The water purifier industry has also entered a golden age. At present, the number of water purifier enterprises in China is 30% per year- 40% growth rate, market penetration rate also grows at a rate of 5%. The future water purifier market will become one of the most promising markets in the furniture industry. The above is the analysis of the development trend of the water purifier industry.