Save 30% laundry time, Welling active washing technology exposure

'The drum washing machine with active washing technology can save at least 30% of the laundry time.'

On October 31st, China Household Appliance Technology Conference and Washing Machine Professional Technology Branch, Welling technical experts made a wonderful discussion and discussion on the hot issues of "Drum washing machine active washing technology" and application. He said, 'Welling drum washing machine motor initiative The washing technology has a flexible washing mode, no need to stop the time, continuous washing, and the washing time is shorter than the traditional mode.

According to the data of the National Information Center, from the perspective of the washing machine category, the washing machine products are moving towards the high end. The data shows that the sales volume of fully automatic drum washing machines in the domestic urban market in January-August this year increased from 49.95% last year to This year's 53.25%, sales ratio increased from 70.77% to 73.20%.

However, from another perspective, the 2018 315 appliance quality survey report shows that consumers have serious complaints about the noise, washing effect, washing time and dewatering effect of washing machine products. Under the tide of consumption upgrade caused by quality life demand, The trend of washing machine function segmentation and high-end is becoming more and more obvious. Welling predicts that home appliance enterprises will differentiate and innovate conventional products in the process of mining market demand, and at the same time vigorously deploy new categories, through 'deep digging stocks, increasing layout The quantity 'method maintains technological strategic advantage in market competition.

In order to cope with the differentiated demand for the rapid rise of the drum washing machine market, Welling has invested heavily in the development of the drum washing machine motor technology. After the position sensorless variable frequency control technology, the quick start technology, the high speed weak magnetic control technology, the intelligent weighing technology, the successful development Active washing technology. This technology changes the passive response mode of the traditional washing machine motor. By driving the software algorithm, it actively adjusts the washing cycle and washing mode, and detects the drum load eccentricity (RT-OOB) in real time, adaptively controlling the dehydration speed. The active washing of the drum washing machine motor is realized, which lays a foundation for intelligent one-button washing.

In fact, China's home appliance industry is currently experiencing profound changes in consumption upgrades and technological changes.

On the one hand, with the cross-border application of mobile Internet, AI smart and other technologies in home appliances, IoT home appliances based on sensor technology are expanding in the trend. On the other hand, consumption upgrades make consumers demand for home appliances. Personalization, from the 'can be used on the line' to the 'safe use' to the 'useful comfort' transformation; from following the color TV, air conditioning, refrigerator, washing machine 'four big pieces' iterative replacement, to the present pursuit 'Free hands' vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, water purifiers and other diversified home appliances.

Insight into the market is an important strategy for Welling to secure a place in the motor market for many years. With the global white goods industry upgrade and development process, the health and environmental protection, intelligence, high-end, efficiency and integration, market segmentation and personalization trends Welling's deep cultivation in the field of technology from air conditioners, washing machines and motors have been gradually expanded to motors for small household appliances such as cooking machines, dishwashers, vacuum cleaners, etc. Ultra-high-speed motors for vacuum cleaners, booster pumps for water purifiers, integrated with dishwashers New DC motor products such as heating DC variable frequency pump and special inverter motor for heat pump dryer have been developed and entered into the testing and application stage. It will soon be widely used in related home appliances to bring comfort, health and low carbon to users around the world. life experience.

In recent years, Welling has frequently used motor technology in new fields. For example, ultra-high-speed motors for vacuum cleaners have won market recognition. With the continuous innovation and development of Welling products, Welling will continue to shoulder the heavy responsibility of China's efficient and environmentally-friendly home appliance industry, and strive for continuous improvement. High-quality technology and products, accelerate the pace of development of China's home appliance industry.