Under the guidance of the management mode of "one-man single", relying on the establishment of the "Trinity" local manufacturing base around the world, Haier air conditioning conti

Pakistan is located in the huge potential of the Asia-Europe handover region, coupled with economic and demographic potential, as early as in the 890 's, attracted the Japanese and Korean home appliance brands, and long-term dominance of the local household appliances market, however, this pattern with the rise of Chinese brands in recent years is being overturned.

Relevant data show that Pakistan's local ranking TOP10 air-conditioning brand has not seen the Japanese and Korean department figure, and Haier has 3 consecutive years occupy the local white market share 1th, Haier air conditioning is a continuous 11 years to the local market, even the Prime Minister of Pakistan installed Haier air conditioning. What most people do not think is that the global influence of Chinese brand Haier has been so deep. So, what is Haier's brand of foreign brands continuing to lead in the Pakistani market? Reporter saw the Haier Pakistan air conditioning director Ahmad Hammad, joined Haier in 2005, he witnessed from the establishment of Haier Industrial park, Haier air conditioning to 35% market share leader,

To become Pakistan's most popular home appliance brand.

Meet the needs of users to gain a foothold In the process of communication, Hammad more than once mentioned the importance of the product itself, in his view to truly meet the needs of users, is to let the brand in the huge home appliance market a foothold in the foundation.

And Haier since 2001 stationed in Pakistan, has been in the user's efforts, now with the ' people single one ' to the user-centric model of the promotion, in-depth user home survey has become the local Haier people's daily routine. Hammad said, through the visit that Pakistan is half the year in high temperature, users of air-conditioning demand is enormous, and Pakistan is a power shortage in the country, in the peak power consumption of 4-6 hours a day, the local users brought great inconvenience. "Knowing this pain point, Haier and the user to continue to interact with the UPS air conditioning came into being.

' UPS Air Conditioning Add UPS module, can connect the local household regular battery, 750W power can support 1.5 air-conditioning operation for 3-4 hours. and UPS air conditioning also support the battery using solar panels to charge, longer use time.

Hammad said that at the beginning of this year's new product launch conference, many people to watch the study, dealers around the air conditioning research principles, quickly reached 20,000 sets of cooperation intentions.

Active mining user pain points reflect market value There is value to price, Haier air conditioning experience in Pakistan amply proves this point.

Haier Pakistan Air-conditioning market data show that this 1 to August, Haier air-conditioning Pakistan market growth of 36%, the industry increased the highest, Haier's high-end intelligent air-conditioning sales growth of more than 50%, and the local market price is the highest, than the same specifications of the product price higher than 20%. ' Haier's products are selling well in Pakistan, and it's because they can solve local users ' problems, ' Hammad explains. Based on Haier's localization of manufacturing research and development and marketing of the ' Trinity ' strategy, Haier air conditioning first in Pakistan to do is to carry out a wide range of in-depth user interaction and communication within Pakistan.

and Haier air conditioning in the Pakistani industry's only air-conditioning research and development laboratory, for the local differential environment, high temperature, voltage instability, such as special testing, and even simulate the local 58 ℃ high temperature for non-stop testing. With the increasing degree of localization, Haier air-conditioning in Pakistan has introduced energy-saving 50% DC inverter air-conditioning, wide-voltage inverter air-conditioning, and the first can adapt to high temperature 150V low voltage fixed frequency air conditioning, and full DC intelligent Inverter air conditioning.

2016, Haier bottle intelligent air-conditioning exports to Pakistan, the appearance of fashion, smart WiFi features are also recognized by local users.

The integration of air-conditioning products from the needs of local special users, providing the best experience for Pakistani users throughout the process, not only improves its competitiveness overseas, but also causes consumers to accept a slightly higher price.

Haier brand awareness up to 99% ' In the Pakistani market, most of the Chinese brands are OEM-based, but the expansion of brand influence is very unfavorable to the subsequent high-end transformation of the impact of greater, and Haier has always insisted on independent licensing, so in Pakistan, the market advantage is obvious.

' Hammad said. It is reported that Pakistan to protect the development of local industry, the government set up up to 70% import tariffs.

And in 2017, Pakistan began to impose a 100% margin on consumer goods imports, further raising the threshold for imports, in recent years more and more companies began to build local factories in Pakistan. As early as 2001, Haier established the Haier industrial park in Pakistan, in 2006, with Pakistan's Yoruba group joint venture to build the Haier-Palestine economic Zone, is China's first industrial park set up overseas.

Although the self-created brand investment, high risk, but in the local market after a firm foothold, its influence is being released. In Pakistan, Haier also led the local home appliance market with a high share of 25%. Data show that the first Haier unit price is 5% higher than the local industry average level.

In the user brand understanding, Haier has become Pakistan's most popular home appliances brand, brand awareness up to 99%, even Pakistan's prime minister's mansion is also installed Haier air conditioning. The Pakistani market is only a microcosm of the globalization of Haier's air-conditioning brands.

Under the guidance of the management mode of "one-man single", relying on the establishment of the "Trinity" local manufacturing base around the world, Haier air conditioning continues to iterate products and technologies, providing users with high-quality products of scientific and technological innovation, radiating healthy air to the global market, and constantly refreshing the world users ' cognition of ' Chinese brand '. Haier air conditioning market share in Pakistan for 11 consecutive years first