This is the Casanova air conditioning in the ' single one ' strategic model to adhere to the original inevitable results, but also will become its home appliance market to achieve high-end leadershi

October 30, Qingdao Haier released 2018 years of three quarterly reports, the data show that Casa in the 16,000 + high-end air conditioning market accounted for up to 42.7%, continued to be ranked first in the industry.

Since the first quarter of this year, Casa Air conditioning has been firmly ranked 16,000 + high-end air conditioning market for three consecutive quarters. Industry insiders said that from the National Day Golden Week market data, Casanova Air conditioning in the third quarter again leading the market is inevitable. During the Golden Week, Casanova ranked first in the 15,000 + high-end air conditioning market with a high share of 32.76%, according to the 40th week data.

Visible, even in the ' Holiday promotion psychology ' user consumption habits, the value of more than the price of the consumer concept is still highlighted in the market, with the Casa Emperor Air conditioning as the representative of the high-end home appliances naturally become the ' holiday effect ' under the winner. Casa Air Conditioning continuous industry is behind the first is to adhere to the needs of high-end users as the core of innovation drive. Industry experts say the consumer upgrade market will put forward higher and more hard indicators for the home appliance industry.

High-end families not only on the quality of air conditioning, the brand has a higher appeal, but also put forward exclusive customization, personalized functions and other requirements, and all this has become the original technology of Casa Emperor Air conditioning to continue to overlap new starting point. Casarte Cloud Ding Air conditioning Hating air Conditioning two high-end products are original technology to meet the diversification of high-end users, personalized and other high-end demand. Among them, cloud ding air conditioning is for users to use air conditioning common pain point-' air conditioning disease ' and research and development.

Its original BNT temperature self-balancing, dry and wet self-control, Liep light ion purification three major technologies, for high-end families to provide ecological breathing solutions. Sky Seal Air Conditioning is born to solve the industry's traditional ' single air supply ' problem. It is equipped with an original intelligent temperature-cold sensing system, through big data can calculate the subjective comfort of the human body, for different temperature needs of family members blowing exclusive custom ' turn wind ', at the same time, the industry pioneered double cycle air supply system, the air supply area is divided into left and right, up and down a number

Parameters such as wind direction and temperature, for different groups of people in the same environment to create exclusive custom ' multi-warm air '. Although the overall sales of air conditioners in the 2018 cold year of the traditional peak season 7, August appeared a brake type of quenching, to 2019 years of cold year opening pressure, but Casa Emperor Air conditioning is still high-priced, Gao Jianbi to maintain 16,000 + high-end market first share, continue to bring a new round of momentum to the market.