The calf is sore?! The 1999 yuan foot bath robot 3D massage!

As a nine-to-five office worker, you can sit still for 8 hours and 7 hours, and then go shopping in high heels on a weekend, climb the mountain to see the scenery, or on the treadmill in the gym. Go jogging and practice, then find the calf sore the next day, the stomach is sour and swollen. What do you do?

Go to the spa to do a full body massage, focus on pinching the calf.

Go to the supermarket store to scan the code to pay, 10 yuan 12 minutes simply enjoy the balloon massage of the massage chair, by the way to massage the calf.

Directly use the simplest method - in the hot water in the home, do your own hands kneading the calf muscles, how much can be relieved, anyway, just a few days off.

OK, although the calf pain is not a big deal, but must you be so 'rough' to yourself?

Imagine, if you use your foot bath to soak your feet before going to sleep every day, do a calf massage every day, then go to bed and sleep for a good night, and you will not have a pain in the weekend shopping. Do you want to?

You don't want me to be happy, you can enjoy the comfort at home and go out and spend money to buy services. Recently, Xiaomi has a 'HITH smart foot bath robot S2', the main comfort 3D calf massage, subversive breakthrough traditional foot tub can only massage The limitations of the soles of the feet, innovative calf beaten massage techniques, 12 rhythmic beat mode, help you completely relax the calf muscles, relieve fatigue.

Especially the conscience 35cm high barrel depth design, whether you are 155 petite or 185 tall can put the whole calf into it to enjoy massage beat (haha, except Yao Ming), there is a surf water column in front of the fuselage, adjustable surfing height , direction and strength, so that the legs can also enjoy the comfort of the waves like the waves. Say that while the feet massage the calf and shake the sound, it feels not too good!

Knock on the blackboard! Focus on the key! Not only do you need to massage the calf, but the acupressure on the sole is also automatic. You only need to choose the massage mode. The foot of the foot bath robot has 16 stainless steel massage beads covering the soles of the feet. Match 3 An adjustable massage mode, such as a Thai massage, presses the soles of the feet and the reflection area to give you the comfort of the bone.

Say, do you choose to dry naturally or use a towel to wipe your feet? Is there a wood that always forgets to take a foot towel every time? 吼吼, the foot bath robot wants what you think, after opening the foot bath, open the front drying chamber. , you can enjoy the hot air blowing at 43 °C, the feet and legs are quickly dried, and the warm feet are more leggings, so that you can say goodbye to the tedious process of toweling.

Most worth mentioning is that it is very simple to clean the massage chassis. Ask yourself, have you carefully cleaned your foot bath? Where are the keratin, hair and dregs in the foot bath? Maybe you will say that every time you say After the second foot bath, you can wash the foot bath three or five times, but the massage chassis can not be removed, can not be completely cleaned and not your fault.

Well, these are real excuses. However, the massage chassis of the HITH foot bath robot is detachable. The innovative magnetic adsorption detachable massage tray is convenient for cleaning. The various foot bath residues are cleaned, thus reducing the massage noise and prolonging the use. life.

More than this, HITH smart foot bath robot S2 also uses stainless steel integrated molding process, with innovative DPS heating system, 3 layers of magnesium powder insulation, 10 times thicker than ordinary PTC heating layer, so that water and electricity are completely separated, effectively preventing static numbness. It also provides multiple protections, comprehensive detection after power-on, and innovative anti-leakage protection system. When a leak short circuit is detected, the whole circuit can be switched within 0.1 seconds to ensure the foot bath is safe.

At present, this smart foot bath robot is priced at 1999 yuan, millet has some products for sale. Well, the price is slightly more expensive, so, taking advantage of the double 11 promotion season, you choose to buy directly or love yourself or consider giving up, you decide, The purse is yours, the body is yours, decide for yourself!