No noise & high safety | Ariston Wi8 gas water heater

Hot water supply makes our life extremely comfortable and convenient. Water heaters, especially out-of-the-box gas water heaters, have become a must-have for home life, but when we enjoy continuous hot water supply, annoying noise and potential Security threats are always lingering. The father of gas water heaters, the global water heater leader brand Ariston's Wi8 gas water heater has excellent mute design and complete security protection function, to help you get rid of these problems easily.

All-round protection against carbon monoxide threats

'Carbon monoxide, a colorless, odorless and toxic invisible killer, such as excessive inhalation, can lead to hypoxia and suffocation in human tissues, and whole body tissue cells are damaged. 'Ariston, a global leader in gas water heaters, said, 'Cold winter, wash one A warm and comfortable hot bath was originally a very happy thing, but the fly in the ointment is that if the gas water heater is not fully burned, it will produce carbon monoxide, which may even cause carbon monoxide poisoning.

Equipped with carbon monoxide sensor has become the standard for a qualified gas water heater. However, some gas water heaters on the market currently use an external carbon monoxide alarm system. The alarm system is separated from the gas water heater, and an external line is required to be installed on the wall, through linkage with the water heater. The alarm module monitors indoor carbon monoxide. However, this design has the following defects: First, the alarm system is far away from the leak source, which is easy to miss or falsely report. Second, the gas water heater is installed in the kitchen like the safety alarm system. The fume generated by cooking is enveloped around the alarm system, which makes its sensitivity greatly reduced. In some cases, it is possible to miss the best time for the alarm.

The Ariston Wi8 gas water heater uses a built-in Fis carbon monoxide sensor to closely monitor the gas environment for 24 hours, and quickly detect harmful gas concentrations. Once the carbon monoxide concentration exceeds 150ppm, it will emit a second-level sound and light alarm and enhance the exhaust air volume. Exhaust harmful gases, eliminate any safety hazards in the first time.

In fact, pre-prevention is more important than post-event alarm. Ariston Wi8 has carbon monoxide over-standard prevention technology, which can adjust the fan speed according to the combustion condition, control the oxygen content entered, and eliminate hidden dangers in the bud. In addition to built-in Outside the CO alarm system, Wi8 has more flameout protection, anti-dry protection, 45-minute timing protection, anti-freeze protection, 48°C anti-scald self-locking protection, flue blockage protection, combustion chamber damage protection and other 48 safety protection devices, each The protection measures play an important role in the personal safety of the user. For example, during the use process, when the external factors cause the flame to be accidentally extinguished, the flameout protection device will function to automatically shut off the gas source, so it will not cause gas leakage. Position to ensure safe use.

Fully silent design, enjoy a comfortable life

Traditional gas water heaters generate a lot of noise during work, which can interfere with the rest of family members, especially for a quiet gas water heater to provide a truly comfortable living experience. The noise is mainly from the exhaust fan and combustion system. In order to achieve low-noise operation, it is necessary to work hard on product design and component selection.

Ariston Wi8 uses high-quality low-noise stepless variable speed fan, far lower than the national standard noise intensity, to achieve quiet operation. For combustion noise, Wi8 uses low-noise and high-efficiency combustion system to improve combustion efficiency while reducing flame friction during combustion. The sound produced.

In addition to reducing noise at the source, the Ariston Wi8 body is streamlined to reduce noise propagation and spread. At the same time, the back air inlet design seals the noise inside the chassis, which reduces the noise diffusion range. Thanks to these effective measures, the Wi8's operating noise is as low as 40 decibels, allowing users to bathe comfortably without worrying about disturbing their family's rest.

Automatic temperature control Intelligent adjustment brings the best bath temperature

Gas water heaters have a big drawback. Due to changes in climate, ambient temperature, etc., the set temperature of gas water heaters needs to be adjusted frequently. Otherwise, it is prone to hot weather and excessive water temperature, or the weather suddenly drops and the water temperature is insufficient. Especially in the spring and autumn, when the weather changes frequently, this situation greatly reduces the comfort of bathing.

Ariston Wi8 gas water heater water heater has a 'smart sensor' system, which can intelligently sense the outside air temperature, according to the season, weather changes, intelligent regulation of water temperature, ensure the water temperature, achieve hot weather comfort, cold weather, and bring the best bathing experience. At the same time, bid farewell to the dilemma of frequent manual temperature adjustment in the season of changing temperatures.

Avoiding water temperature fluctuation is an essential skill for an excellent gas water heater. Wi8 is equipped with dual-drive dual-control design, water server, variable speed fan and multi-dimensional gas proportional valve to work together to achieve simultaneous adjustment of water volume and volume. The change in water flow will not cause a sudden change in water temperature, thus achieving a constant comfortable water temperature of plus or minus 1 degree. Wi8 has a one-button energy-saving design, washing in the summer or kitchen, one-button switch to 35 degrees water temperature, energy-saving comfort Not wrong.

Quiet, safe and comfortable, Ariston Wi8 gas water heater brings more comfort to life. The streamlined appearance of the Italian Ferrari team designer is also fashionable and different in many square gas water heaters. To enhance the overall style and taste of home decoration. Not only that, 3 years of quality assurance and Ariston's excellent after-sales service, but also a strong guarantee for every Wi8 user to enjoy a comfortable life.