The air-conditioning market fights product spelling technology is more important is to fight this

Say goodbye to the summer heat, time to enter November, which means that the air-conditioning industry has entered the off-season. Looking back at the air-conditioning market in the 2018 cold year, although the growth rate is slightly inferior to that of 2017, it is also quite good after the New Year. According to the National Information Center. The data shows that the retail sales of air conditioners in the domestic market in 2018 was 65.53 million units, an increase of 16.56% year-on-year.

The staged victory is worthy of cheering, but the reality that the industry has to recognize is that although the air-conditioning market has performed well this year, it still has signs of strenuousness. While it is able to resist these weak factors, it is the enterprises and industries that carry the data all the way. The key points that need to be grasped, as Wang Lei, vice chairman of the China Household Electrical Appliances Association, said, 'We should talk more about what factors support the growth of the air-conditioning market in recent years. Will this high-level scale in the future be Normal. '

The companies and industries that are generally recognized by the industry are going to be technology and products. Looking back over the past three years, the industry has grown for three consecutive years. The weather factor has always dominated the key, but the weather alone is uncontrollable. Therefore, under this uncontrollable premise, in order to stand out from the crowd, we must find the core that can be grasped. The data shows that the 2018 cold year industry is quite eye-catching in the development of new products and the speed of marketization. Obviously, the innovation trend in the industry has also kept upwards, and the sales volume of mid-to-high-end products has increased significantly.

In particular, such enterprises represented by TCL, through quality enhancement, appearance process progress led to the improvement of the competitiveness of the entire industry products. The competitiveness of their own products has been greatly improved, and TCL air conditioners can increase the scale of enterprises to thousands. More than 10,000 sets of root causes. For example, it is equipped with a comprehensive intelligent technology 'T Rui' series, through the 'artificial intelligence algorithm', 'smart power management', '1Hz ultra-low frequency control' three programs to achieve more energy-saving goals , under normal operating conditions, energy saving is about 30% than that of ordinary air conditioners; 'i涟' hangs on the smart technology, so that it can still cool at 60 ° C high temperature; there are also 'smart multi-price consumers Bao's hang up, has basic intelligent attributes, but the price is exclaiming.

These products for different scenes and people are developed according to the pain points of different consumers. This also makes the air-conditioning category, the growth rate of TCL Group products outstanding, the year-on-year increase of TCL air-conditioning in 2017 was 26.9%, from January to May this year. It has reached 37%. But the breakthrough of TCL air conditioners in the industry is not only as simple as products and technology.

Lu Shenghua, editor-in-chief of China National Grid, once said that while the market is growing, enterprises should increase investment in more critical aspects such as after-sales service and installation, brand differentiation, etc., so that the entire sales of air conditioners can achieve a complete closed loop. Conducive to the continued growth of the company's future.

This means that having good technology and products is only a very important point in the front-end of the sales circle of the enterprise, but the real perfect sales must have corresponding services and after-sales. There are not many companies that set the flag, but they can really rely on after-sales and The service spells out a small amount of sales. So, when the TCL air conditioner ran out of the 'real gold is not afraid of fire, 365 days only change no repair' activities, the industry is stunned.

'Only change and not repair' is not unfamiliar to home appliance companies, but few manufacturers use it on air conditioners, because people in the industry know that air conditioners pursue high gross profit. Once the company has posted such a label, Its subtext is 'My product is good enough, although you use it, I am responsible for any problems.' In this regard, TCL air conditioning business unit general manager Chen Shaolin said that TCL air conditioning to do more than 90 points of the product - only true Exceeding consumers' expectations, it means real innovation, which can truly satisfy the consumer's inner pleasure. This is the requirement of TCL air conditioner and the ultimate pursuit of the product. The real gold in this poster is not afraid of fire. Refining' is undoubtedly a reflection of TCL air conditioning's strong confidence in its product technology and quality.

At present, whether it is 'supply-side structural reform' or the 'consumption upgrade' that is hanged by enterprises and industries, it has extremely high requirements on the product and technology level, and home appliance manufacturers will also 'curve overtaking'. The hope is pinned on the products and spelling technology, but it weakens the positive correlation between 'service' and 'after-sales' in product sales. Remember, users don’t think about it, others don’t do it, and products and technology are more important. Fight service and after sales.