Haier Air Conditioning Awarded | 'National Quality Benchmark'

On October 30th, the China Quality Association was commissioned by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to jointly host the 2018 Quality Benchmarking Shandong Exchange Program with the Shandong Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology in Jining City. The exchange activities were from Beijing, Shandong, Henan. More than 500 representatives from all over the country, including Jiangsu, Guangdong, Shanghai, and Hunan.

At the event site, the China Quality Association released the results of the '2018 National Quality Benchmark' and awarded the awards to the award-winning companies. It is reported that among the 38 companies that have obtained the title of 'National Quality Benchmark', Haier Air Conditioning relies on 'implementing Internet-based and intelligent manufacturing. The experience of quality information management', the first in the exchange meeting on behalf of the air-conditioning industry to demonstrate the advanced experience of quality management.

Quality benchmark refers to the best practice of industrial enterprises applying advanced quality management methods and quality engineering techniques, carrying out quality management innovation activities to improve quality and improve business performance. 2018 'National Quality Benchmarking' selection by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Organization, China Quality Association organizes experts to review the submitted materials, and finally selects a scientific, innovative, systematic and exemplary 'quality benchmark'.

After expert review, 38 companies across the country have obtained the 'National Quality Benchmark' for 'Quality Management' and 'Internet +' with typical experience, involving automotive, home appliances, communications, energy and other fields. According to reports, China's quality this year. The association plans to cooperate with industry credit departments and industry associations to hold 4 quality benchmarking experience promotion activities, free of charge to help enterprises learn and practice benchmarking experience.

After Haier Group won the title of 'National Quality Benchmark' in 2012, Haier Air Conditioning won the title of 'National Quality Benchmark' with the experience of quality management of interconnected factories. The responsible person of Haier Air Conditioning shared on the spot: 'From 2012 onwards, Haier Air Conditioning actively explored The interconnection factory realizes the transformation from large-scale manufacturing to mass customization, and provides the best user experience in the whole process. 'In terms of information management, Haier Air-Conditioning and Interconnecting Factory obtains real-time product offline and process control through information management and control means. Big data in terms of user interaction, etc., to ensure that product quality information is connected and interacted in time.

In terms of quality management, Haier air-conditioning interconnection factory real-time interconnection of big data, self-diagnosis of home appliances, self-predicting, subverting the traditional warranty period, the first product warranty period. On Haier air-conditioning interconnection plant information integration platform, Haier air-conditioning establishes the world's first Intelligent production line, real-time interconnection of human and physical objects through big data. For example, in quality inspection, it is manually judged by the original, written records, upgraded to internal and external machine quality automatic detection and data storage information management.

Under the guidance of the single-in-one mode, Haier air-conditioning quality innovation has always been to provide the best experience of the whole process user as the core of innovation. In the past International Quality Management Group Conference (ICQCC) quality awards, Haier air-conditioning obtained 2 Gold Award. In addition, Haier Air Conditioning has also won six sigma awards, Liu Yuan Zhang first-line staff quality contribution awards and other quality awards. Industry insiders, under the leadership of Haier air-conditioning and other enterprises, will effectively promote the quality of the entire home appliance industry The level has been fully upgraded.