Indoor indoor drying | Hisense air conditioning precision moisture control comfort experience

In the cold weather, blowing air conditioning and heating is a pleasant thing. However, air conditioning will bring warmth to people, but it will also make the indoor air very dry, resulting in a series of problems such as dry skin and respiratory diseases.

Dry mouth, dry skin may be the common feeling of everyone who has been in the air-conditioned room for a long time in the winter. In a dry environment, the resistance of the human respiratory system is reduced, which may easily cause or aggravate the respiratory diseases. The results show that when the air humidity is lower than 40% RH, the nasal and pulmonary respiratory mucosa is dehydrated, the elasticity is reduced, the mucus secretion is reduced, the ciliary movement on the mucous membrane is slowed down, dust, bacteria and the like are easily attached to the mucous membrane, and the throat is stimulated. The department causes cough, and is also prone to bronchitis, bronchial asthma and other diseases of the respiratory tract.

At the same time, when the air is dry, the flu virus and the Gram-positive bacteria that cause infection are accelerated, and it is easy to spread with the dust in the air, causing disease. The dry air dehydrates the human epidermal cells and reduces the secretion of sebaceous glands. , causing rough skin wrinkles and even cracking. Therefore, allergic diseases such as allergic dermatitis, itchy skin and discomfort are also related to air drying.

How to break the indoor air drying problem in winter? Experts pointed out that adjusting indoor humidity is the key. When the humidity is between 40% and 65%, the survival rate of mold and influenza virus is the lowest, and this range is also the best active area of ​​human cells. Air humidity is too large or too small, which is not good for human health.

In order to create a more comfortable home environment for users, Haixin Air Conditioning, the leading brand in the air-conditioning industry, which has always been at the forefront of technological innovation, has specially developed precision moisture control technology. By humidifying and dehumidifying functions, the humidity in the room is accurately controlled at 40%. - 65% of the human body's most comfortable range, breaking through the seasons and geographical restrictions, users of different skin types and different skin types can bring moisturizing effect to the skin, and reduce the stimulation of dry air to the elderly, children's respiratory system , to create a comfortable winter experience for people.

Different from the ordinary humidification method, the Hisense male X air conditioner equipped with precise humidity control technology uses a pure humidifier to remove calcium and magnesium ions from the water by molecular sieve evaporation technology, which solves the problem of 'white powder'. The Hisense Male X air conditioner is also equipped with a degerming device, which can sterilize the water in the water tank, and then diffuse the moist and clean water molecules into the air through the air moving device, and evenly send it to the room to improve the environmental humidity and cleanliness. degree.

At the same time, we overcome the problem of air 'too dry' 'over-wet' in the process of traditional air-conditioning and air supply. Hisense male X air conditioners also have indoor and outdoor independent cleanliness, nanoeTM nano-water ion technology, let the wind blow out. Not only warm and comfortable, but also clean and fresh.

In addition, Hisense male god X air-conditioning 360 ° cool turn air design, 'wind blow people' 'wind avoid people' two modes, as well as intelligent somatosensory control and other functions, further enhance the user experience, give people health and comfort, warm and humid , smart and intimate air conditioning heating experience, to meet people's pursuit of a better life.

With Hisense air conditioner in hand, why bother to worry about the dryness of the air-conditioned room? Hisense Air Conditioning creates an indoor environment with comfortable temperature and humidity, allowing users to enjoy the warmth of the four seasons like spring.