Suning double eleven big data: two children's family bathroom demand is the strongest

Since 2016, China's second-child policy has been fully implemented. In 2017, the local government introduced a comprehensive policy for two-children. In addition to fertility support, child rearing and other measures, it also includes subsidies, incentives, etc.

Under the overall atmosphere of 'National Children', the consumption demand of the two-child family showed obvious changes. The data of Suning Double Eleven Brands Week showed that the two-child family generally has two sets of toilets, and the ordinary family has 7 to 10 square meters of bathroom. The space has been stretched. The understanding of the bathroom has changed from passive to active, toilets, showers, and bathrooms have become search keywords.

Suning data shows that male users have higher demand for sanitary products than females, accounting for 58%. After 85, the consumer group has become the main force in the current consumption of sanitary products and decoration with a ratio of 63.7%. Science and technology have a greater impact on the post-85 group. Intelligent toilets, smart showers, and the demand for smart shower rooms continue to increase.

According to the data of the bathroom brand week, the bathroom cabinets in the sanitary products have become the focus of consumers. The overall growth rate is 170.5%, and the previous championship and toilet seats are 145.2% and 152.9%.

56% of consumers said that they most value the storage function of the bathroom cabinet. The bathroom of several square meters is full of various items, and needs to complete many tasks such as toilet, bathing, grooming, etc. 'Cosmetics, skin care products, so many, I see No, they are messy. '

In the choice of materials for bathroom products, nearly half of consumers choose ceramics, stainless steel, wood, glass materials in turn account for 25%, 17%, 6%. Although new products on the market continue to emerge, but most consumers still Love the traditional ceramics.

Taking into account the waterproof and moisture-proof performance of the bathroom cabinet, some consumers will focus on the solid wood paint cabinet in the choice of the bathroom cabinet, so as not to let the bathroom cabinet at home be wet all day, the things inside will be moldy.

Among the consumers who purchase bathroom products, the number of patients who choose phobia increases, and the proportion of matching purchases is 63%. 'It does not affect me, and it is better to reduce the choice.'

It is reported that on October 25th, Suning's home improvement was fully launched in advance, and the main city half-day was still blessed.