The science and technology game is in full swing

At present, the world's new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial transformation is accelerating. China faces rare market opportunities and severe challenges. Now, only by building more first-mover advantages driven by innovation and providing support for building a modern and powerful country can we grasp the initiative of development. right.

Scientific and technological innovation is like going against the water, and not going backwards. The good technology 'first move' is not only the requirement of adapting to the global competition game, but also the inevitable choice of China's development stage. A hard indicator to measure the national science and technology innovation center is the national experiment. room.

The National Laboratory is a strategic national innovation infrastructure platform and an important measure to optimize China's science and technology system and science and technology system. It has become an important carrier for countries in the world to seize the commanding heights of technological innovation. Recently, many laboratories have landed for technology. Innovation adds new momentum.

Recently, the Ministry of Science and Technology and the provincial government jointly issued a document, approved to rely on Donghua University of Technology, the provincial and ministerial departments to jointly build a 'National Key Laboratory of Nuclear Resources and Environment'. This leads the national nuclear industry technology innovation, serves the ecological civilization construction, and promotes the deep integration of the military and civilian. It is of great significance to safeguard national security and promote economic and social development in Jiangxi.

The State Key Laboratory of Biopolysaccharide Fiber Forming and Eco-Textile was jointly approved by the Ministry of Construction of Qingda. The successful approval of the laboratory not only achieved zero breakthrough in the construction of the State Key Laboratory of Shandong Province, but also marked Qingda has made significant progress in the construction of national-level scientific research and innovation platform.

Guizhou established a joint laboratory of artificial intelligence medical treatment, which will build artificial intelligence phone follow-up, health management platform and auxiliary diagnosis and treatment in Guizhou through the laboratory to realize intelligent follow-up of the health status of the masses, management of chronic diseases, and improvement of diagnosis of primary health care institutions. quality.

The first military and civilian air testing laboratory in the west was officially established. The unveiling of the Sichuan Testing Laboratory is an effective way to deepen the integration of military and civilian development in Sichuan, and actively explore the engineering technology experimental platform to serve the national major strategy. Close integration, promoting the integration of military and civilian development is of great significance.

Scientific and technological innovation is the decisive force concerning the destiny and core competitiveness of the country. Looking at the international market, the current level of China's science and technology development, especially the key core technology innovation capability, is still far behind the international advanced level. Therefore, at the laboratory construction level, Scientific research institutions, enterprises, and colleges and universities should spare no effort to invest and promote, provide a solid technical foundation for scientific and technological innovation, and provide reliable technical support.