Xinyi Xiaobai 1.0 Purifier: 'Three high and one low' | with national price

In recent years, the size of the net net market has shown a rapid growth trend. However, in the face of a wide range of empty net products on the market, how should consumers choose a truly effective and economical air purifier? The air that was officially implemented on March 1, 2016 The new national standard for purifiers (GB/T18801-2015) clearly defines the key indicators of air purifiers: 'Three high and one low' (High CADR value, high CCM value, high purification energy efficiency and low noise value).

CADR (Clean Air Purification) embodies how much clean air this product can provide per hour. The higher the value, the better. With high quality and good reputation, it is awarded 'by consumers, good value for money'. Air purifier - Xinyi Xiaobai 1.0, the air purifier's particulate matter CADR value reached 380m3 / h (measured value 405.7m3 / h), can be purified in 20 square meters in 9 minutes, this Performance is good in the same price.

CCM level, which indicates the total mass of the target pollutants in the purification process when the clean air volume of the air purifier is attenuated to 50% of the initial value. The higher the level, the more pollutants can be adsorbed by the filter representing the air purifier. The longer the service life of the filter element is. The particle CCM and formaldehyde CCM of Xinyi Xiaobai 1.0 have reached P3, F4, respectively, and the dust holding capacity is large, and the filter life is long enough.

Now let's talk about the purification energy efficiency. This value indicates the amount of clean air generated by the unit purifier in the rated state of the air purifier. In simple terms, the higher the value, the more energy-saving the air purifier is. The new Xiaobai 1.0 operating power As low as 5.6W, the purification energy efficiency has reached the highest national standard A of the new national standard. Even if it is operated 24 hours a day, the electricity bill is only a dime.

Finally, focus on the noise of the air purifier. In general, the higher the CADR value of the air purifier, the higher the noise value. In terms of noise, Xinyi Xiaobai 1.0 uses the preferred silent DC brushless motor. At the same time, based on the CFD efficient air duct design, the noise reduction and noise reduction are further reduced to 35.1dB(A) at the lowest gear. This is a kind of quiet to the low noise that it does not feel, ensuring the user's sleep. The interference. Moreover, even if it is opened to the highest position, Xinyi Xiaobai 1.0 is only 60.2 dB(A), which is quite silent.

In addition to 'three high and one low', the price of air purifier is also an important factor. Xinyi Xiaobai 1.0 has a smooth purification experience, quiet noise and optimized detail design, which undoubtedly provides attractive users with limited budget. Very high choice. Recently in the Jingdong Xinyi official flagship store 'Hui 11.11' activity, Xinyi Xiaobai 1.0 is as low as 999 yuan, insured price 11.11, cost-effective.