Add a touch of green TCL R290 air conditioning experience for comfort

For air-conditioning products, everyone is never familiar with them. Among them, the refrigerant inside the air conditioner is well known to the public because – 'Freon'. Since Freon is regarded as the chief culprit of the Antarctic ozone hole, refrigerant replacement has always been the concern of enterprises and industries. However, in the process of eliminating ODS (Ozone Depleting Substances), the global warming caused by greenhouse gases generated by refrigerants is becoming more and more serious. Therefore, the replacement and development of green refrigerants has become an air-conditioning enterprise and The focus of public attention.

Compared with other refrigerant products on the market, R290 is a new environmentally friendly refrigerant with an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of 0, which has no destructive effect on the ozone layer. Its greenhouse effect potential (GWP) is only 3, The environment has almost no negative impact.

At the same time, the R290 itself is cheaper and has a much smaller charge than the conventional refrigerant R290, which reduces the size of the compressor and thus reduces the material cost. The R290 compressor also has better energy consumption performance. Ordinary air conditioners are more energy efficient.

Today, the TCL e涟 air conditioner using the environmentally friendly refrigerant R290 came to the China National Grid Evaluation Center. Let us look at the R290 air conditioner through the test experience of its basic performance.

Although R290 air conditioners are not common on the market, this TCL e涟 air conditioner can be said to be finely crafted in terms of packaging and appearance.

As a flammable substance, R290 refrigerant has been a hot topic in the safety of household air conditioners. At the installation site, we found that the installation process of R290 air conditioner is consistent with ordinary air conditioner.

The installation master of TCL air conditioner said that they have completed the installation training of R290 air conditioner, as well as the technical operation specifications and precautions during installation and maintenance, etc., and in practice strictly follow the company training process to ensure the safety of air conditioning.

After the installation process, let's take a look at the design of this e涟 air conditioner. After all, the value of a product is an important factor in determining whether customers can buy or not. This air conditioner uses a high-gloss etched panel, and the crystal-clear texture makes the air conditioner more fresh and bright, and the rounded body makes the whole machine look slimmer.

The large air outlet ensures the airflow of the air conditioner, and the wind blown during the cooling and heating is more supple, bid farewell to the air-conditioning mechanical style.

In addition to its outstanding appearance, TCL air conditioners also have intelligent control and other functions. The addition of remote control makes the user more convenient. Through the smart APP, not only enters the main interface of the air conditioner control, but also can perform mode switching, air volume switching, temperature setting and other operations on the air conditioner.

TCL is more adaptable to user habits e涟 The air conditioner is equipped with a voice interactive system, which can send voice commands through WeChat. The voice recognition accuracy of e涟 is up to 95%, which can realize very natural voice human-computer interaction.

TCL e涟 air conditioner using R290 refrigerant The internal components of the product have been improved. Can create a safer, smarter and more personalized experience for users.

In addition to the exquisite design of the exterior, and intelligent and convenient application. The basic performance of this TCL e涟 air conditioner is also very good. It has a powerful cooling and heating function, no matter in the heat or cold, the rapid cooling effect can greatly improve the air conditioning Comfort.

In order to test the heating effect of e涟, we turned on the powerful heating mode in the 15m2 size evaluation room at 22°C. The set temperature is 26°C. We can see that the air outlet temperature is only 60 seconds after the air conditioner is turned on. It reached 40.8 ° C, and its effect is indeed extraordinary.

After the heating function is turned on for 8 minutes, the air conditioner reaches the set temperature and measures the power consumption of the air conditioner. The electricity meter shows that the power consumption is 0.15 kW/h.

In the measured air-conditioning power consumption, we restored the 15m2 evaluation room to the indoor temperature of 22°C, set the temperature to 26°C, and turn on the powerful heating mode. After 30 minutes, the electricity meter shows that the power consumption is 0.30. kW/h, energy saving effect is good.

As we all know, the air volume of the cockroach is the guarantee that the air conditioner can be hot and cold. The test shows that the e涟 air conditioner has a wind speed of 4.15m/s in the strong air outlet mode.

In the low wind mode, the wind speed of the air outlet can also reach 1.88 m/s, which reduces the noise and improves the air supply efficiency, so that it can quickly reach the predetermined temperature and is more energy efficient.

In addition to the powerful cooling and heating functions, e涟's performance in terms of noise is also absolutely 'sharp'. We measured the indoor noise meter reading before the air conditioner was turned on to be 32.1dB.

At this time, the air conditioner is turned on to the highest wind speed, the noise meter reading is 49.7dB, the middle wind noise is 41.6 dB, and the low noise mode is only 35.9dB. It can be said that the running noise is quite low.

Experience summary:

Although the air conditioning products using R290 refrigerant are still rare in the market, we can see through the TCL e涟 air conditioner above that its performance is still very good. Whether it is powerful cooling and heating function, or lower The working noise, as well as the convenient intelligent control, can bring users a new experience.

Environmental issues are closely related to our lives. Using R290 air conditioner, it will not sacrifice the comfortable life, not damage the environment, add a touch of green for comfort, both for the present and for the future, it will be of great benefit.