The software design of the new fertile land YL1020AF apparatus is complete and simple and practical, but it is still under-aesthetics. New Fertile land YL1020AF apparatus reviews: Excellent products u

Increasingly serious environmental issues, people began to pay attention to the protection of the environment.

Office has been a large paper consumption, but paperless office has gradually become a new choice, paperless office can not only save paper, but also to save the cost of paper purchase.

New Fertile land YL1020AF New fertile land technology focus on the high-tech field, through the development of Office energy saving, efficient environmental protection of practical products, high supplies of office industry to change all-round, occupy the environmental protection, efficient Office products commanding Heights, with more innovative points and more versatile products, so that the market and customers alike.

New fertile land technology recently launched a new generation of high-beat instrument--YL1020AF, with the largest support A3 paper manuscript table and more excellent features, access to users alike.

Analysis of YL1020AF appearance of new fertile land

New fertile land yl1020af high-beat instrument using minimalist packaging style, in addition to YL1020AF apparatus fuselage, with the largest support A3 format of the manuscript table, certificate, drive installation CD-ROM, product manuals, product three guarantees, USB data transmission line.

New Fertile land YL1020AF

New Fertile land YL1020AF The new fertile land YL1020AF apparatus does not need the separate external power supply, only needs to connect the computer through the usb-a to be able to use normally, the use process also is more green environmental protection energy saving.

However, the new fertile land YL1020AF apparatus provides 12V of external power supply, better to meet the use of different scenarios. The manuscript table of new fertile land YL1020AF apparatus adopts the detachable way to reduce the space occupied by the manuscript table, and it can be easily installed and used when used. The maximum support A3 format, at the same time annotated good A3, A4, A5, in the manuscript table is the central also has an ID card size groove, can quickly take pictures of identity cards and other documents.

The new fertile land Yl1020af's manuscript table reserved the wireless induction function location, but this machine did not carry the related function. New fertile land YL1020AF manuscript table and the apparatus connection slot has 2 USB connectors for connecting the camera and cradle for easy data transfer. The installation process is also quite simple, the user only need to put the high-beat device, and the fixed screws can be screwed on.

At the rear of the apparatus base, there are two usb-a ports and a 12V DC power input interface. The new fertile land YL1020AF bracket uses the aluminum alloy material, more light also provides the good strength, the better handling different use environment.

If the user is not familiar with the installation operation, the new fertile land YL1020AF apparatus the bottom of the ' Equipment installation guidelines ' quite detailed, the user can easily complete 6 installation steps.

New fertile land YL1020AF hardware configuration The new fertile land YL1020AF is equipped with the main pair of two cameras, the main camera shooting resolution of 3648*2736, has reached the tens of millions of pixel-level CMOS chip to provide a good imaging foundation, while supporting the autofocus function.

The resolution of the auxiliary camera 1600*1200, supports 360 degree rotation, can support scene monitoring, record video file function.

New Fertile land YL1020AF

New Fertile land YL1020AF

New Fertile land YL1020AF In addition, the new fertile land YL1020AF main camera also provides 6 high-brightness LED fill light, and has 3 levels of brightness cycle adjustment, even in the darker environment can still be easily used. These 6 LED lights are still the apparatus of fertile land. The touch is always used, by tapping the bulb pattern in front of the head case, the three-shift switch corresponds to the number of taps.

New fertile land YL1020AF apparatus lens with polarized reflective design, is to solve a variety of office space lighting reflection of the sharp weapon.

New fertile land YL1020AF software and use New fertile land YL1020AF need to install the appropriate software to use, the user first YL1020AF apparatus with a USB cable connected to the computer, and then install the software on a random CD, you can use the high-beat instrument.

New fertile land YL1020AF apparatus only need one USB cable to do all the work, so the new fertile land does not provide the YL1020AF with an additional 12V DC power supply. After the installation of hardware and software, the new fertile land YL1020AF apparatus can be formally used.

As already mentioned, the new fertile land YL1020AF maximum support A3 frame, can easily shoot scanning general books, documents, impurities, pictures, stereoscopic objects.

Software use New fertile land YL1020AF apparatus provides a wealth of software features, including image synthesis, automatic continuous shooting, PDF, printing, barcode recognition, OCR, video and shooting various functions, in addition, the new fertile farmland YL1020AF software also supports screen rotation, screen size scaling and other functions.

In terms of setting, the new fertile land YL1020AF apparatus provides brightness adjustment, automatic correction, picture quality adjustment, video settings and so on.

A3 format

A4 format When shooting A4 paper size, the user does not need to put A4 paper in the marked range. However, when shooting A3 size pages, you need to push the apparatus pole up to the position marked A3.

New fertile land YL1020AF apparatus in the middle is the document photo, in the location of the document, the fertile land apparatus will automatically identify the document and its size and imaging to adjust. New fertile land The YL1020AF apparatus has a minimum scale of 33% and a maximum scaling of 1980%, which can be scaled down and enlarged by dragging the scale bar.

Mirroring is also available in the lower right corner of the image to quickly correct display problems caused by upside-down of the camera object.

New fertile land YL1020AF evaluation summary New fertile land YL1020AF the combination of a mega-pixel master camera and a 2 million-megapixel accessory camera is fully sufficient for daily office and document conversions. New fertile land YL1020AF apparatus has a good design and ultra-high practicality, rich and stable software for the office to bring more convenience.