One | 'Efficient new shifting device' | Multi-country invention patent

Recently, a 'efficient new transmission device' was successfully developed in Taifeng Precision Technology Co., Ltd., which is a 'efficient new transmission device' developed by the company's R&D team after five years of testing and improvement. The product technology has obtained the invention patents of Germany (Patent No.: 10 2016 107 444), the United States (Patent No.: US 9939049 B2) and Japan (Patent No.: No. 6111361), and the utility model patents of China. (Patent No.: ZL 2016 2 0316814.0). The product application is extensive and the market prospect is promising.

The shifting device adopts a conjugate structure of a plurality of eccentric wheels, and has higher transmission efficiency; can realize serialization, modularization, light weight, intelligent mass production, and lower manufacturing cost.

Taifeng Precision Technology Co., Ltd. entrusted China General Machinery Industry Association to be on the 26th floor of October 26, 2018, from 16:00 to 20:00, at the 4th floor of Shanghai Tongmao Hotel (357 Songlin Road, Pudong New Area, Shanghai) The "Efficient New Transmission Technology Exchange and Prototype Exhibition" jointly held by the hall welcomes relevant companies and people from outside the industry to visit and guide.