Behind the sleepless | What are the factors in the ''blame'?

Nowadays, the smart bracelet is very hot. Many people have a smart bracelet. They use it to count the number of steps, measure the heart rate, and even detect the quality of sleep. But can a small bracelet really detect our sleep? Do you believe that noise can also help sleep? How does light and sound affect sleep? What are the effects of lack of sleep? Let's go to today's Netease Health Open Class to listen to the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Peking University Professor Lu Lin, the president of the Sixth Hospital, said that what factors can affect sleep, and what problems can arise from lack of sleep.

I can't close my eyes all night? Not because of those 'breaking things'

1. What problems can you cause due to lack of sleep?

Lu Lin: If short-term lack of sleep can lead to memory loss, brain function decline; long-term lack of sleep can lead to mental problems, anxiety, depression, and even blood sugar, blood pressure changes. Children, adolescents if long-term lack of sleep will affect development , even affecting personality.

2. What factors affect sleep?

Lu Lin: How does light affect our sleep? The secretion of many hormones in our body is affected by the light of nature. Light affects the rhythm of hormones in the body, which in turn affects sleep. Especially after the mobile phone, the light inside it will also affect Sleep, the light in the phone stimulates us through the optic nerve, affecting the brain structure and sleep of our brain. People with sleep problems suggest not to watch electronic products before going to bed, because blue light directly stimulates our optic nerve, affecting the structure and rhythm of the brain's sleep. .

I can't close my eyes all night? Not because of those 'breaking things'

How does sound affect people's sleep? Sound is through our auditory nerves affecting some of our brain's auditory centers, affecting our sleep. Some sounds, if they are noise, can also cause disorders in the secretion of hormones in our body, affecting our brains. The auditory center, disturbing our sleep.

Some people help sleep through white noise, mainly through the boring effect of this noise to affect our sleep. Many insomnia people can't sleep because he is thinking about things, if there is noise affecting the process of thinking about things, don't want to worry about things. It is very boring to sleep. Not that the sound itself helps you sleep, but the sound interferes with your thinking, or interferes with mild irritability, not thinking about things that need to focus on thinking and concentrate on thinking. Instead, I am going to regulate sleep. So now I say turning over or practicing Tai Chi legs, yoga, mindfulness is helpful for sleep, it is not through the nerves, it is by letting you not think about things that make you sleep, because give up When we think about it, we want to sleep. The noise makes us get rid of the problems that need to concentrate, and it becomes very boring, which helps us sleep.

I can't close my eyes all night? Not because of those 'breaking things'

3. Can the smart bracelet detect sleep?

The detection of the bracelet is not as good as the science of sleep EEG detection. The detection of the bracelet is only to say that we are wearing it on the hand to judge whether we are not moving to judge whether it is asleep. If I wear a bracelet, let the hand stand still, its judgment It is also asleep. So it is an indirect test of our sleep, the real standard for measuring our sleep is still sleep EEG, because when we are asleep, the brain's EEG discharge is different. If we normal people use it as a toy, as an auxiliary tool for physical exercise, it is ok to see it. But when I have a problem with sleep, I have to rely on sleep brain electricity to detect it.